Calor and Bosch Partner to Bring Ireland New air-to-water Hybrid Boilers

Calor has partnered with Bosch Boilers to launch a new hybrid energy solution featuring Bosch heat pumps, a 50Kw combi LPG boiler and a Calor underground tank…

A new Bosch air-to-water heat pump and gas boiler hybrid system is available now in Ireland in conjunction with Calor.

This innovative system combines the efficiency of a Bosch heat pump with the reliability of Calor gas-powered heating, offering an ideal solution for modern home energy needs.

The new Bosch hybrid system includes a range of both monobloc and split unit heat pumps, designed to seamlessly integrate with traditional gas boiler systems.

The hybrid interconnector simplifies the connection and communication between these technologies, ensuring efficient and effective home heating.

Easy integration and smart management

The hybrid system connects the flow and return pipework from both the air-to-water heat pump and the gas boiler into the hybrid interconnector.

From there, a single flow and return pipe leads to the home’s heating system.

A sophisticated software programme within the hybrid interconnector manages which appliance to use at any given time, constantly optimising for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Homeowners can input their electricity and gas prices into the system, allowing the management software to make informed decisions on whether to use the gas boiler or the heat pump, further enhancing energy savings.

Diverse customer appeal

Michael Nolan, Bosch Home Comfort Technical Area Sales Manager, notes that the hybrid system has attracted a diverse range of customers.

Some are hesitant to fully transition to an air-to-water heat pump and prefer to retain the use of a trusted gas boiler.

Others have relatively new boilers and see the hybrid system as a way to incorporate renewable energy without decommissioning their existing setup.

Additionally, the rise in solar PV installations has spurred interest in the hybrid system from customers and contractors eager to maximise the use of home-generated electricity, even if a full heat pump switch over isn’t yet feasible.

Seamless support and installation

Thanks to the strong partnership between Bosch Boilers and Calor, this hybrid system is available to rural homeowners who do not have access to the natural gas grid.

Many homes previously heated by oil have successfully transitioned to LPG to take full advantage of the hybrid system.

Bosch and Calor work together to offer comprehensive support to ensure accurate system design and smooth installation.

This includes on-site visits for first-time installers, training courses at Bosch facilities in Dublin, and collaboration with Calor’s Home Energy advisers and various design teams.

A recent installation by Fenlon Heating and Plumbing in a beautifully-designed home near Mount Leinster highlights the system’s versatility.

Fenlon Heating and Plumbing completed the hybrid installation incorporating a Bosch 50kW combi LPG boiler, Bosch heat pump and Calor underground tank.

Flexible and future ready

A hybrid heating solution is an ideal choice for homeowners who want an efficient and reliable home energy solution, which is flexible and future ready, enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint while taking a positive step on their sustainability journey.

Calor LPG-powered boilers also work perfectly when powered by Calor’s renewable gas, BioLPG.

Customers can choose the option of using a renewable blend now or in the future without the need to make any changes to their gas boiler.

For more information on Calor hybrid solutions, or to find out more about BioLPG, visit and fill out a form to arrange a call back from a Calor Energy Advisor.