Kerrigan bring energy management to a prestigious Dublin development

Over the years, Kerrigan Mechanical has honed its expertise in district and communal heating schemes, becoming a specialist in its field.

It was no surprise then, when the Co Meath business was contracted to complete a mechanical installation at Green Acre Grange.

As lead coordinator on the project, Kerrigan Mechanical was also charged with managing all MEP sub-trades including electrical and sprinkler systems.

The Green Acre Grange development consists of 307 units comprising one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in three carefully arranged and designed blocks.

Also included in the space are shared amenity spaces and services including a concierge, creche, gym, landscaped rooftop terraces, co-working spaces and meeting rooms.

Engineering consultant IN2’s NZEB-compliant energy strategy for the development uses a centrally-located air-source heat pump, supplemented with condensing gas boilers.

Each apartment includes a heat interface unit providing users with a meter reading of their individual heating and hot water usage.

The heat recovery ventilation units provided for each apartment are highly efficient and temper incoming fresh air to both offset heating costs and reduce draughts from trickle vents.

A tenth of all parking spaces feature electric vehicle charging stations, with a ducted connection run to the remainder to facilitate future connection.

The scope of works included a comprehensive turnkey mechanical package covering all elements of mechanical services from the installation of 250kW gas boilers to the final connection of kitchen sinks as well as passive fire-rated ductwork and smoke shafts.

Sustainable heating

Innovative and environmentally conscious, the design of the project’s energy centre uses heat pumps as a primary heat source backed up by gas boilers.

The heat pumps act as a pre-heat source for the gas boilers, reducing their workload and optimising their efficiency by drawing heat from renewable energy from the air.

This approach not only reduces overall gas consumption, but also aligns with the client’s desire for renewable energy utilisation, contributing to environmental conservation and reducing the carbon footprint associated with energy consumption.

Furthermore, the reduction in gas consumption leads to cost savings in operating the major plant.

This aspect provided the client with great satisfaction as it not only promotes environmental sustainability, but also enhances the project’s economic viability.

Overall, the design of the energy centre’s heating system reflects a holistic approach to energy management, balancing environmental responsibility with practical considerations of cost efficiency.

The challenge

Being involved from the early stages of the project proved invaluable for Kerrigan Mechanical.

It enabled the company to draw on its extensive experience from previous schemes to anticipate and mitigate potential issues before they could escalate.

By promptly submitting queries to the design team and addressing any concerns proactively, momentum was maintained to keep the project on track, even surpassing milestones.

One of the key advantages of early coordination was the ability to identify and address builders’ work openings, a notoriously tricky aspect of any construction project.

The team was able to streamline the coordination process and minimise disruptions, ensuring seamless integration between its work and that of other subcontractors.

Overall, early involvement and coordination were essential for the success of the project.

It allowed Kerrigan Mechanical to leverage its expertise, optimise project workflows and ultimately deliver results that exceeded expectations.

Adam Dent, Senior Contracts Manager at Kerrigan Mechanical, said, “The technology behind district heating has been tried and tested, and Kerrigan Mechanical has been at the forefront of its implementation since its early inception in Ireland.

“We were therefore thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute our expertise to such a prestigious project in the heart of Dublin.

“I would like to extend a special mention to our supply partners and our own team for their invaluable support throughout the duration of the project. With strict timeframes and deadlines to adhere to, the collaboration and commitment of our suppliers were paramount in achieving our desired targets.

“The decision by BAM, alongside the developer Marlet, to select district heating for this project speaks volumes about the effectiveness and reliability of this heating solution.

“It is a testament to the confidence placed in Kerrigan Mechanical’s capabilities that we were chosen as the preferred contractor for this scheme.

“Our track record of successfully completing projects of similar scale and complexity instilled further confidence that our company would deliver results that met and exceeded expectations.

“We are proud to have played a role in bringing this innovative heating solution to fruition and look forward to continuing to contribute to the advancement of sustainable and efficient heating technologies in future projects.”

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