Offering ease of use and flexibility of application

Installer-first innovations such as Wavin’s HepvO and Hep2O deliver ‘right-first-time’ peace of mind to installers and save on time, money and materials for end users…

Working with systems that are suited to multiple applications, straightforward to use and offer unique features designed to deliver peace of mind is a plus for any installer.

Wavin products are designed with the installer front of mind, allowing for quick and secure installations.

Hep2O – A flexible, secure solution for plumbers

The Wavin Hep2O Push Fit system is suitable for most residential plumbing and heating applications. It is packed with unique features that make push-fit plumbing more secure, quicker and easier to install and comes with a market-leading 50-year guarantee.

The market-leading Hep2O flexible plumbing metric system comes with a wide variety of pipe lengths, pre-insulated coils and demountable fittings.

Fittings include straight connectors, elbows, tees, stop cocks, tap connectors, valves, manifolds and imperial-to-metric transition fittings in 15, 22 and 28mm sizes.

The extreme flexibility of the Wavin Hep2O polybutylene pipe means it is the ideal solution for cabling through joists, underneath floors in new construction, renovations, system extensions and situations where space is restricted.

A unique characteristic of Wavin Hep2O pipe coil is its remarkable ability to remain straight, once uncoiled.

It provides a secure fitting every time with the Wavin’s In4Sure security feature, which tells the installer when the pipe is in – feel the rumble.

One of the unique advantages of Hep2O is that it can be easily demounted and adjusted by the installer with the HepKey but, once fitted, the joint is safe and secure and cannot be tampered with or accidentally demounted.

The compatibility of Hep2O fittings with copper also ensures a simple, fast and reliable method of jointing to traditional materials on site.

HepvO – Innovation in waterless traps

The multiple uses of the humble water trap – from bathtubs to kitchen sinks and preventing the escape of foul gases from discharge systems back into buildings – mean its importance can’t be underestimated. 

The beauty of a unique self-sealing waterless trap like Wavin HepvO is that it does not rely on water to create a preventative seal to stop gases escaping into a room but instead utilises a soft silicone membrane to create a seal.

The other key benefit of the HepvO waterless trap is its versatility – the space-saving slimline shape means it can be installed vertically or horizontally in showers and under baths without needing to cut into the floor, as well as in sinks, saving time for professionals when sourcing the appropriate product.

Innovation at its heart

Installer-first innovations such as HepvO and Hep2O make Wavin the obvious choice for plumbers in Ireland.

Delivering ‘right-first-time’ peace of mind to installers and end-users means saving time, money and materials for the best job possible.

Wavin Ireland is part of the Orbia group.

For over 65 years, it has remained the leading manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of above- and below-ground plastic drainage systems for industrial, commercial and residential requirements.

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