Pressure boosting like never before – GRUNDFOS

Grundfos has launched A new generation of SCALA2, a whole house booster pump crafted to deliver constant water pressure…

All over the world, homeowners live with insufficient or drastically – varying water pressure but, thanks to the GRUNDOS SCALA2, the days of uncomfortable showers and trickling taps are coming to an end.

The SCALA2 will detect any change in water pressure and boost it to the right level immediately.

Even if you’re taking a shower while the car is being washed outside and the kitchen tap is running at full speed, the pressure will remain constant and be at the ‘perfect’ water pressure.

Compact, quiet pressure boosting in the home

Many water booster pumps on the market today are noisy and take up a lot of space.

This can be very inconvenient for homeowners, especially if the pump is installed inside the house.

Compared to its predecessor, SCALA2 tackles this issue head on with a 3dB(A) reduction in sound pressure which is perceived as a 50% reduction in noise by the human ear.

Energy-efficient pressure boosting

Equipped with improved hydraulics, a permanent magnet motor and speed control, the new generation SCALA2 outperforms many other domestic water pressure boosters in the market.

Easy selection and installation

SCALA2 is a fully integrated all-in-one water booster system. It contains pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve in one compact unit.

With its ability to adjust performance to the operating conditions, SCALA2 will make it easier for installers to meet their customers’ needs in no time.

Why go with Scala2?

Constant water pressure

With its intelligent pump control, SCALA2 offers perfect water pressure, regardless of varying inlet pressure and multiple open taps.

This means you can choose the setpoint which fits your customers’ home and water usage, and they’ll get this water pressure regardless of the inlet pressure to the home.

Low noise

Water-cooled and with a permanent magnet motor, SCALA2 offers a noise level of 44dB(A) in typical use, which is the same as a modern dishwasher and one of the lowest in its class.

Energy efficient

Designed to be energy efficient, SCALA2 outperforms many other domestic water pressure boosters in the market.

By selecting this efficient pressure booster over traditional booster pumps, homeowners can reduce their energy consumption for water pressure boosting by as much as 40%.

Compact design

With a weight of only 10kg, the SCALA2 has one variant for all domestic boosting needs and is small enough to fit inside a kitchen cupboard.


Boosting from tanks

The SCALA2 increases water pressure from roof tanks, break tanks and ground tanks, including rainwater tanks.

The pump has dry run protection meaning that if the tank runs dry, the pump will stop and protect the installation.

Boosting from wells

The SCALA2 pumps water from a depth of eight metres.

It is self-primming and equipped with de-air and a self-learning function, meaning it will ensure a stable supply from wells.

Grundfos develops, produces and sells pump solutions, while helping to reduce water-related challenges globally.

The company creates research and product development-based solutions to meet the growing demands of customers and the outside world for minimising the consumption of resources as well as the emission of Co2.

Its solutions are used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in buildings as well as industrial purposes among other things.

They are also used in the water supply, water treatment and wastewater sectors.

Further benefits of SCALA2

• Excellent robustness towards power supply disturbances

• Frost protection, protecting the pump from freezing

• Anti-cycling feature to protect against leakages in installation


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