Want to become a NIBE Heat Pump installer?

Unipipe is seeking to expand its presence in Northern Ireland by partnering with trusted and skilled tradespeople in the installation of NIBE Heat Pumps…

As the sole distributor of NIBE Heat Pump systems and renewable products in Ireland, Unipipe IRL Ltd is looking to expand its presence in Northern Ireland by partnering with trusted and skilled tradespeople.

If you are a professional eager to grow your business and offer cutting-edge heating solutions, this is your opportunity!

Why partner with Unipipe?

Comprehensive training: The Unipipe Training Centre in Bray, Co Wicklow, offers free training and certification on the installation of NIBE renewable energy systems. Accredited by DKIT, Unipipe provides high-quality education to ensure your success.

Professional qualification: In September, Unipipe will be running a QQI Level 6 Heat Pump Installer course.

Diverse installation skills: Enhance your capabilities to install a range of innovative heating solutions including:

• Air-to-water heat pumps

• Ground-source heat pumps

• Exhaust air heat pumps

• Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems

Service partner training: Unipipe is also looking for service partners who can be trained to provide ongoing support and maintenance for NIBE systems.

Additional products: Unipipe supplies underfloor heating systems, allowing you to offer a complete package to your customers.

Job opportunities: Unipipe can provide work from the numerous enquiries that come its way, helping you grow your business and customer base.

Who is Unipipe looking for?

Experienced tradespeople: Professionals with a background in plumbing, electrical work or HVAC systems.

Eager learners: Individuals willing to undertake training and commit to maintaining high installation and service standards.

Trusted partners: Installers who value quality and customer satisfaction and are looking to grow their business with a reliable supply and support partner.

Heat pump experts: Installers who have experience working with other heat pump brands and are interested in expanding their portfolio with NIBE products.

Service technicians: Professionals interested in becoming certified service partners to support and maintain NIBE systems.

Benefits of partnering with Unipipe

Exclusive access: Work with the latest and most efficient NIBE technology as part of its trusted network.

Ongoing support: Receive continuous support from its dedicated team to ensure smooth installations and happy customers.

Business growth: Expand your service offerings and attract new customers with specialised skills in a growing industry.

Job opportunities: Benefit from the enquiries we receive, translating to more work and growth for your business.

How to become a partner

To join Unipipe’s network of trusted NIBE installers, register at https://forms.gle/G6Rko4wamyDbRN1q6 or email: info@unipipe.ie