A perfect transition

Peter Doyle recently sold his business, 1st call Plumbing & Heating Ltd to Liam Carlisle, his first ever apprentice...

Having learned the trade from Peter, Liam is best placed to ensure the same high standards are maintained as he takes over this well-respected company. Peter is setting his sights on Leak Locator, a branch of 1st Call Plumbing that was established five years ago.

“Leak Locator had actually been running within 1st Call for a number of years. A couple of years ago, I decided to form a totally separate company. At the time, I was thinking that if I could get two or three days out of Leak Locator I would spend the rest of my time on 1st Call but Leak Locator really took off,” said Peter.

With the success of Leak Locator, Peter had to consider his options. “As a company, 1st Call was too good for me to just say, I don’t want that anymore. I approached Liam and he decided he wanted to have a go and buy it from me.” Liam Carlisle has worked with Peter since 1st Call Plumbing was set up in 2001.

“The handover process has been a two year transition. Three months ago, the deal was finally done. Really, things are just as they were before only now I’m in charge of everything! Peter has helped me in terms of getting to know the business and supplier side of things,” said Liam. Although the two companies are totally separate, Peter and Liam intend to work together whenever possible. “We’ll be able to provide each other with work which is great. I also plan to grow the business over the coming years and perhaps direction,” said Liam.

From starting out as an apprentice at 1st Call Plumbing & Heating to actually buying the business, Liam’s success shows that hard work really does pay off. “Liam put his heart and soul into his work and into the company since day one. It’s a great story and I’m delighted to have sold him the business,” said Peter. For Peter, the focus is now on Leak Locators.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Peter is utilising that knowledge along with the latest leak detection technology to identify and locate leaks with the minimum of inconvenience, damage and cost. The company operates across Northern Ireland and has already established itself as the go-to leak detection specialist company in the area. “We’re both excited about what the future holds for the two companies and about working together on projects going forward,” said Peter.

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