Discover easy comfort with the Midea Monobloc Heat Pump

A complete all-year-round, integrated heating system, the midea heat pump can replace, or work in synergy, with a traditional oil or gas boiler…

The Midea Monobloc Heat Pump is the latest addition to Pipelife Ireland’s range of heating solutions, complementing its existing range of heat pumps, underfloor heating, smart controls, low temperature radiators, heat recovery units and air conditioning units.
Midea is the world’s number one manufacturer of air treatment products. So confident in its product reliability, Midea is offering the industry’s first 10-year warranty to customers.
M-Thermal provides energy-efficient solutions that deliver space heating and cooling and domestic hot water.

The Midea Heat Pump is a complete all-year-round, integrated heating system which can replace, or work in synergy, with a traditional oil or gas boiler.
The Midea M-Thermal range has been engineered to be as quiet as 35db(A) at 3m, which is incredibly quiet. The unit is extremely efficient as it operates at 503% efficiency at a 35°C flow temperature.


The M Thermal monobloc air source heat pump range is perfect for small spaces, as it has been designed for installation in any type of property and homes with limited space in particular, being a compact heat pump system with a single unit installed outdoors. The Midea unit comes with all the features you’d expect including weather compensation, two-zone control, legionella protection and quiet modes.
Pipelife believes the Midea Monobloc Heat Pump represents the next generation of heat pumps, with its key features including:

Nothing says you are confident in the quality of your heat pump more than a 10-year warranty.

Available in single-phase capacities of 4kW-16kW, or three-phase capacities of 12kW to 30kW.

The M Thermal can provide domestic hot water (up to 55°C) and underfloor heating, improving room comfort.

The M Thermal is designed for installation in any type of property, especially homes with limited space.
Being a compact system with a single unit installed outdoors means the available space indoors remains unchanged.

A+++ ErP Energy Rating Efficient heating capacity even when at -7°C air temperature. Maintains continuous hot water supply up to 55°C even with outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C.

All functions are achieved with a single outdoor unit, bringing significant cost savings. Furthermore, installation is quicker and easier as there is no need for refrigerant piping, and the product is pre-charged at the factory. Two-door design for easy access to internal components for easy maintenance.

With a global warming potential of 675 (two-thirds less than R410a) R32 is better for the environment.

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