Air source heat pumps – the low carbon low down

The next few years will bring many changes to the plumbing and heating industry, with legislation, the ban on traditional fossil fuel boilers and the push for more renewable heating sources in homes.

These changes are likely to herald the start of a period in which homeowners either want or need to have lower carbon solutions for their heating, so this is a demand that installers need to be prepared for, said Ken Kinkead, Regional Director at PTS Ireland.


Introducing more renewable heating sources into homes is a key element in lowering our combined carbon footprints. One popular alternative to boilers are air-source heat pumps (ASHPs). 

Some 20,000 units are installed annually, and that number is growing year-on-year. Unlike conventional oil, LPG or gas boilers, ASHPs offer low-carbon and energy-efficient heating without relying on combustion to generate heat. 

Instead, they capture heat from the outside and move it inside the home to provide heating and domestic hot water. By using electricity to run the unit, the heat pump does not burn any fossil fuel and therefore emits no carbon dioxide.


Indoor heating systems that use low water temperature, such as underfloor heating (UFH), allow the heat pump to use less electricity and still heat a home comfortably. 

As such, ASHPs and UFH systems complement each other perfectly. You can still use radiators with ASHPs, but they must have a larger surface area to be compatible.


The upfront costs of an ASHP make traditional boilers much more affordable. However, in the long run, heat pumps combined with other energy-efficient solutions such as solar PV could provide customers with a significant opportunity to reduce their heating bills.


PTS recommends that any installers interested in working with ASHPs should contact the manufacturers, as many of them offer free awareness and training courses.



ProWarm – UFH systems made for heating pros

As well as stocking all the leading ranges of heat pumps, PTS also supplies the UK’s largest-selling brand of UFH, ProWarm. 

ProWarm water systems are available in single or multi-rooms, providing efficient heating control throughout the home. The range of electric UFH systems pair well with heat pumps, are well-suited for various floor coverings and are extremely quick and easy to install. 

ProWarm has an experienced technical support team waiting to take calls from customers, and its design teams consist of experts who can provide quotes using customers’ own plans or drawings. All systems come with a lifetime warranty, next-day delivery and 48-hour design service. Ask for a quote at your local PTS branch.


For further information or to ask for a quote, please call into your local PTS branch or contact the PTS Ireland Sales Team at