Altherma 3 H HT heat pump is a game-changer

Floortherm Renewables new heat pump range comes with green credentials...

Moving from a boiler means switching to a totally green solution

Floortherm is one of the largest distributors of underfloor heating and renewable systems to the trade in Ireland. The company has been operating nearly 7 years and is committed to delivering fully designed, energy efficient products and systems to installers, merchants, contractors and self- builders.

Renewable heating is one of the strongest growing sectors in the heating market and will continue to be so as government policies and directives enforce the transition from traditional oil and gas systems to heat pumps.

As floortherm specialise in this sector with experienced staff and a history of installations they are well positioned to cater for the trades requirements.

“Air Source Heat Pumps are the most popular product on the market at the moment and floortherm are excited about the forthcoming release of the new Daikin Altherma 3 H HT heat pump. This heat pump is a game-changer for the retrofit market and the larger exclusive properties says Jamie Byrne, Manager, Floortherm Renewables.

With Bluevolution technology the heat pump is designed to provide a maximum flow temperature of 70c, operating to -28c and maintaining its kw capacity to -15c. The new scroll compressor with double injection achieves the maximum flow rate whilst maintaining efficiencies.

Daikin is the first company in the world to launch heat pumps equipped with R-32 gas. With a lower Global Warming Potential, the R-32 is equivalent to power to standard refrigerants but achieves higher efficiencies and lower C02 emissions. Easy to recover and reuse, R-32 is the perfect solution for attaining the new European C02 emission targets.

The large single fan and black exterior grill are new design features for daikin. The heat pumps also have a unique sound rating of 38 dBA from 3 metres – somewhere between a bird chirping and the inside of a library! The H HT is available in three sizes 11, 14 & 16kw and is cloud ready for remote monitoring for engineers and the end user. With this new addition to the daikin product profolio they now have a solution for every application. The new H HT will be available for viewing in Floortherms new showroom within the next month.

“Floortherm provide fully designed bespoke Air Source Heat Pump, Underfloor heating, Heat Recovery and Aluminium Radiator packages for every system that is supplied. This an invaluable option as every job has different trades men and with the bespoke detailed drawings this eliminates queries, questions and unnecessary problems on site. Not every company provides this specific detail for every system and it is usually just generic detail,” says Jamie Byrne, Floortherm Manager.

Floortherms design expertise and knowledge ensure that all systems provided are fit for purpose and exceed customer expectations. They offer complete renewable solutions with underfloor heating, heat pumps and aluminium radiators, all complimented with a full EN12831 heat-loss and design package.

Underfloor heating packages are simple to install and operate, ensuring projects are hassle-free, providing peace of mind to the installer and end-user.

Underfloor heating is widely recognised by architects, consultants and engineers as being the most suitable solution for well-insulated modern homes. It provides higher levels of efficiency and control than conventional radiator systems.

This system uses pipes below the floor to circulate warm water producing a heat source capable of heating the air above it to any required temperature. The typical temperature through an underfloor system is 35 – 45C, whereas a radiator system is 60 – 70C.

Experience is critical, and with over 15 years’ experience in this market, Floortherm technical engineers are best-placed to provide installers with on-going in-house and on-site support if required.

The team designs, supplies, service and commission all their heat pump and underfloor heating systems for the trade – an assurance of quality and dedicated customer care.

How does it work?
The outdoor unit extracts up to 75% of its energy in the outside air to provide heating, cooling and hot water, while the rest is provided by electricity. The air- to-water heat pump relies on a compressor and a refrigerant to transfer the energy from the air to the water, and heat the water up and to deliver it into the house.

Air-to-water heat pumps are among the most economical heating solutions. By relying on air to answer heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs, the heat pump achieves the highest energy labels.

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