Help yourself with servicing

As installers know, there are a number of requirements that must be met for a warranty to maintain its validity. For instance, usually a boiler must be serviced annually and registered within 30 days of installation.

However, most householders won’t think about the warranty until a problem occurs, leaving the onus on the installer to raise awareness of the requirements.

Explaining what the warranty covers and its requirements in full will leave the homeowner feeling confident that they have been provided with all the information they need to ensure it remains intact, while also giving installers the opportunity to highlight what support they can offer for the duration of the warranty period, and beyond.

When explaining servicing requirements, it is important to stress that customers should only ever allow a Gas Safe (Northern Ireland) or RGII (Republic of Ireland) Registered engineer to carry out any work on their boiler.

It is also important to underline that regular servicing is crucial for their safety. Carbon Monoxide poisoning poses a deadly risk, so reinforcing the message is a must.

Another key issue to point out is the importance of making sure only approved genuine parts from the manufacturer are used during any servicing and maintenance work.

Most large manufacturers will send their approved or loyal installers a notification when their customer’s boiler is due its next service, helping to ensure their relationship with the customer continues. With this in mind, joining a manufacturer loyalty programme will pay dividends.

Whilst manufacturer warranties can be crucial for installers in securing installation work and future business, it is important that helping customers to understand their obligations remains the key focus. That way installers can ensure their customers remain safe and covered financially, which should naturally lead to a strong and trusted relationship on which to build on in the future.

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