Insider knowledge – BioLPG proves a hit with experts

If you want to know what heating system to use, ask the people who install them for a living. We spoke to four leading heating contractors about why they switched to Calor BioLPG.

Since Calor Bio LPG was launched in April 2018, it has started to change the way people are looking at home heating. More and more customers are moving to BioLPG and Calor has already achieved half of its three-year sales targets in just over four months.

Calor BioLPG delivers carbon emissions savings of up to 90%. From a customer point of view, the switch is easy, as Calor BioLPG is virtually identical to conventional LPG. Plumbing and heating contractors are crucial when it comes to helping customers decide which heating system to install. It is no surprise that contractors are choosing BioLPG to heat their rural homes.

Martin Letters
Letters Plumbing and Heating celebrated 35 years in business in August of this year. The business is now in its second generation, with Martin Letters having taken over from his father, Pat. Martin installed Calor in his house six years ago and recently decided to make the switch from LPG to Calor BioLPG. “It’s the same boiler, it’s the same delivery method. The only real change is that I now know I’m making a small difference to safeguarding the environment.”

Martin believes that price is a key driver in why people choose a particular energy source or provider, but from his perspective, quality is equally as important. “I mainly use

Worcester Bosch boilers because I believe their service and backup to be the best available. For the same reason, I enjoy working with Calor. These are my valued customers, I need to know that they are as important to the boiler or gas company as they are to me. I have always found that to be the case with Calor.”

Jake Vangrove
Jake Vangrove has been in business as a sole trader for 15 years. He has been working with Calor for the last eight years. Jake installed a Vaillant LPG boiler in his own house three years ago. Even though he lives in the countryside, LPG gave him the option of using gas.

“My house had an oil boiler and I wanted to get rid of it. I installed a Vaillant combi boiler which is much more responsive, and now my house is warm far more quickly.” He added, “I want to be able to tell my customers that I use BioLPG and when I recommend it, I know what I’m talking about. I want to be able to say not only is it an easy switch, it is reliable, it works for my family and we are doing our part to make a difference to the environment.”

GT Gas Works
GT Gas Works, based in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone has been trading for over 15 years. Thanks to Gareth Thompson and his team of eight, the company is now a leading heating contractor servicing both domestic and commercial customers across Ireland.

When Gareth built his new house in the countryside two years ago, he decided he wanted to install a new Worcester Bosch boiler, powered by Calor LPG. “I wanted faster heat and instant hot water. The LPG boiler was the obvious choice. It also had the advantage of being cleaner.” Sustainability is a big focus for Gareth and his team. “We built a recycling facility in our business. We recycle paper, cardboard, copper, steel and plastics. It’s really part of the ethos of our team to reduce our environmental impact. That was a big part of the attraction of BioLPG. We believe Calor BioLPG is another important step along the road to a greener future.”

GP Gas Services
GP Gas Services has grown steadily in recent years and is now among the best known and most respected installers in County Down. When it came to installing a new boiler in his own house earlier this year, owner Gary Piggott chose a Vaillant Green IQ system and Calor Gas. Mains gas was not an option. “The Vaillant Green system is the best on the market, no questions. I have worked closely with Calor for five years as an installer and I know the service and reliability you can expect from them.”

Gary had only recently installed his new LPG boiler when Calor launched BioLPG. The switch was as logical as it was easy. “I spoke to Jill Jack, my Calor agent and she explained the benefits in terms of carbon emissions reductions – between 50 and 90%. To me, the future of energy has to be green, so I wanted to make the switch.”

If you or your customers are interested in switching to Calor LPG or BioLPG contact Calor on (ROI) 1850 812 450
or (NI) 028 9045 5588.