Complete package of combined heating and hot water systems from Rinnai

Rinnai is offering three sizes of boiler –50kW, 75kW and 100kW –to its range of HE continuous flow gas water heaters, thus giving a one-stop shop to installers.

The package, for all a site’s heating and hot water needs – are delivered direct to site or wherever needed. Rinnai can also offer compete flexibility when it comes to designing combined systems.

Lots of installations utilise Rinnai’s proven, energy efficient continuous flow water heaters use multiple units for example, schools, hotels and gyms and spas. Now installers can very easily manifold two or three Rinnai Infinity continuous flow water heaters with, for example, two boilers via a common flue and on the same cascade rig.

Rinnai UK Associate Director, Chris Goggin, says, “System thinking is what is going to give us the edge as we head into a future where fuel prices are going to need to be managed with pin-point precision.”

This ‘system thinking’ approach has led Rinnai to offer a service to design and deliver a complete heating and hot water system in one easy to install, fully specified and energy efficient ‘pack’ delivered direct to site meeting all the demands of the client in one seamless operation.

Chris added, “Why would busy installers and end users want waste their time planning and then assembling all the parts of a jigsaw when Rinnai can specify, design and deliver the total solution?

“System thinking is so much more effective from design to delivery, through installation and throughout the system’s life time.”

A total solution including water heaters, flues, scale protection, unvented cylinders, valves, prefabrication racks, advanced BMS controls – even water sampling equipment – can be specified, designed and delivered by Rinnai.

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