Complete water leak protection for home and business

Northern Ireland’s leading specialist leak detection company, Leak Locator provides a comprehensive find-and-fix service using the latest state-of-the-art professional equipment. The company’s latest home solution is the Imrita Alarm, a smart water leak detector that combines the benefits of both flow and sensor-based water leak detection. This combination allows the monitoring of continuous flow in the entire property, along with continuous and instant detection in the most vulnerable areas using remote sensors.

“Most households would have smoke and CO alarms. I have often wondered why there isn’t an alarm that will alert you to the danger of water in the house,” commented Leak Locator owner Peter Doyle. “I would like to see the Imrita leak detection system fitted in every house – just as the other ones are – to help protect the property from water damage.”

Constant monitoring

The Imrita Alarm monitors the water flow in the mains’ cold-water pipes and compares it to the threshold set for time and/or consumption. The self-shutdown works on a volume-per-litre basis: if it exceeds the volume, the valve will shut off. The valve will also turn off if there is a sudden burst pipe. 

“These features are commissioned on site, according to the number of bathrooms, the water usage and the amount of time the building is in use, if it is a business, for example,” Peter explained. “We can program how long a water flow can carry on for without stopping. In my own house, I have this set for 45 minutes. So, after 45 minutes, if the water flow continues, the valve will shut down.” 

Another Imrita Alarm key feature is a microleakage setting, set to detect small leaks as low as five litres per hour. Peter commented, “If you have an overflow or a small leak under the floor that hasn’t been detected, the Imrita will sound an alarm and highlight the reason why, for example, if the water flow exceeds the set amount of time”.

The alarm is also very handy to protect the property while the homeowner is on holiday – it is possible to program the Imrita to shut the valve off after a set period of days. 

Then, with a simple push of a button, it is easy to open the valve again when the proprietors return from a well-deserved rest.

Wireless safety

In addition to the valve itself, Imrita Alarm also offers the option of wireless probes that can be positioned in vulnerable areas around the property, such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. “Seven probes in total can be installed with one Imrita valve, with a range of 25m for each. As soon as the probe gets in contact with water, it will send an alarm from the probe itself, so you know in which area of the property the fault is and will also highlight an indicator in the valve to show one of the probes has been activated. Then, the valve will immediately shut itself off,” Peter explained. 

The probes also remove the necessity to run unsightly cables around the property and their batteries have been specified to last up to one and a half years.

The great news is that all these features in the Imrita Alarm can be controlled remotely by using the E-water mobile app for the water leak detector interface. 

The alarm also comes with a three-pin plug power adaptor, a battery backup for the main unit and a remote key fob to switch the valve on and off. 

Key features of the Imirta alarm

• Alerts the homeowner to a water leak within the property via wireless sensors throughout the house.

• Turns the water off to prevent water damage.

• Its holiday mode automatically senses reduced usage and turns the water off.

• Features a key fob to turn on and off.

• Offers remote control via mobile app.

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