De Dietrich excels with Hevac

When local experience combines with an innovative global manufacturing giant you know you’ll get a product and service that offers real solutions...

Established in 1974, Hevac immediately gained a reputation for the diversity of its product portfolio, and especially for the quality of the products from the market-leading brands the company represented. Over the years this reputation has been further strengthened because of the continuous addition of new product lines and additional suppliers.

De Dietrich, the world-renowned manufacturer of pioneering heating technology solutions, is a typical example. A symbol of quality since 1778, De Dietrich is committed to the development of Sustainable Comfort®, the objective of which is to create innovative heating systems that consume less energy and preserve the environment.

As exclusive De Dietrich distributors in Ireland, Hevac has forged a very strong relationship with the company, thereby making a wealth of innovative product, and technology, available on the Irish market.

As part of that knowledge transfer process Hevac runs regular in-house training seminars for both installers and consultants, and also takes both customers and engineers to the De Dietrich Training School in Mertzwiller, France. The objective is to enhance their general boiler knowledge and skills but, more specifically, to improve their understanding of condensing systems, condensing applications, and water treatment for condensing boilers and system solutions.

New Range
Continuing its pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental protection, De Dietrich have updated their commercial floor-standing boiler range available from Hevac. The new C340/C640 line-up of modulating condensing gas boilers replace the previous ECO 330/630 series and is designed to operate with Natural Gas with a 109% annual operating efficiency. Perfect backwards compatibility has been maintained by keeping the same connections and size as previous versions.

A redesign of the heat exchanger by De Dietrich’s development teams has enabled them to reach an admissible delta T of 40C. This allows for a 5% efficiency saving compared to a delta T of 20C. Thanks to this new delta T you can reduce – in the same time – the pipes’ diameters, the dimension of the pumps, etc, on the heating circuit and also improve the efficiency of the domestic hot water production. It’s a boiler designed to be integrated in smart boiler room concepts.

The range has a wide output range from 51 to 1303 kW, and more in the case of cascade installation. The modulating burner guarantees optimum combustion quality over the complete modulation range thanks to the integrated premix system for a constant air / gas ratio. The hydraulic and flue gas connections are very easy to install and save space in the boiler room.

The boilers are fitted with the latest Diematic Evolution control panel, which are easy and intuitive to navigate thanks to the high resolution, full colour graphic display and menu in clear text. It is also equipped with Bluetooth as standard.

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