Exclusive apartments feel the warmth with Potterton Commercial

Residents of a prime South Dublin City development will be feeling the heat this winter thanks to a Potterton Commercial communal heating installation...

Mount Argus, a Marlet Property Group development, is an exclusive development in the prime Harold’s Cross location, comprising 179 apartments in eight residential blocks of three to five storeys.

JCPS Mechanical carried out the complete mechanical installation of this project, including the complete installation, testing and commissioning of space heating systems to serve all apartments. The company has a strong reputation for installing technologically advanced and energy-efficient heating, air conditioning, plumbing and piping systems.

Baxi Potterton Myson, along with Unitherm HS Ireland, the nominated supplier of Potterton Commercial boilers to the site, worked closely with JCPS throughout, providing technical and commissioning support.

The central heating plant for the Mount Argus communal heating system was installed in the basement energy centre, with individual heat interface units (HIU) and integral energy meters provided for each apartment. Six fully modulating natural gas Potterton Commercial Eurocondense Five 300kW boilers were installed in a cascade, complete with stainless steel flues; gas-fired combined heat and power units complete with flues; low loss header; chemical dosing pot, air/dirt separator; pressurisation and expansion equipment; and circulating pumps. Circulating heating pump-sets operate as duty/standby to facilitate maintenance works and system resilience, and are variable volume and constant temperature.

The primary side consists of insulated low pressure hot water (LPHW) pipe-work throughout the basement from the energy centre up through the risers and into the apartments and connects to the HIUs. The secondary heating system comprises wall-mounted radiators and towel rails, each radiator with a thermostatic valve arrangement.

To comply with Part L, all apartments greater than 100m2 have two heating zones: a bedroom heating zone and a living area heating zone. Commissioning valves complete with binder test points have been installed to enable balancing of the system. Automatic air vents (AAVs) are installed at all high points. Drain cocks are provided at low points in the system.

Manufactured to the latest ISO standards, the Eurocondense Five uses tried-and- tested technology to provide efficient heating for buildings of all sizes. A range of controls is available, for easy integration with new or existing heating systems. It is available in outputs of 125, 170, 215, 260 and 300 kW, has compact dimensions and a small footprint, requiring less space for installation. Top hydraulic and flue connections make it easier to connect and less space is needed for working access, particularly useful when installing in confined spaces.

Its lightweight aluminium heat exchanger provides reliable, highly efficient heat transfer. The built-in, user-friendly control panel includes operation status, weather compensation, timer for heating and DHW, fault diagnostics and, where relevant, cascade operation. It can be connected to Building Management Systems and programmed to work with solar thermal, biomass and buffer tanks.

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