High tech, low energy ventilation solutions from Fairhaven

Fairhaven H&V Services continues to strengthen its offering in the ventilation sector with several new and improved product ranges.
The market leading TD-SILENT range of acoustically insulated in-line duct fans from S&P has been offered with its high efficiency ‘ECOWATT’ EC motors for some time, providing up to 55% savings in energy consumption compared to the equivalent AC motored fan. The range has now been further enhanced by the addition of a Constant Air Volume (CAV) model. This new variant incorporates an internal sensor and control board which regulates the fan speed to achieve a constant volume flow rate through the fan, irrespective of the pressure in the system.

The airflow setpoint is adjustable via a bank of ‘dip’ switches inside the terminal housing, allowing the required design airflow to be set at the point of installation, and saving valuable time when commissioning. The CAV controller also ensures that even as components such as filters and grilles become dirty, the design airflow is still achieved.

Also available as part of the S&P product portfolio is the RHE range of state-of-the-art ventilation units featuring up to 88% thermal efficiency thanks to a rotary wheel recuperator.

All models feature fully packaged controls capable of remote monitoring and BMS integration. Options include built in electric heating, LPHW heating, reversible heating/cooling coil and DX cooling. Nominal airflows range from 700m3/h up to 10,000m3/h (0.19 m3/sec to 2.7 m3/sec), and outdoor versions are also available.

The units are fully compliant with both current and 2018 ErP regulations relating to ventilation units, and meet or exceed all current UK and Ireland Building Regulations (when correctly selected and installed in a correctly designed system).

Madel’s extensive range of air control equipment is also now available from Fairhaven. Highlights of the range include the innovative ‘PLAY’ adjustable swirl diffusers, distinctive ‘NEX’ swirl diffusers with custom scoop colours, chilled beams and thermally adjustable jet diffusers. Madel’s products deliver high quality and original design at a competitive price, making them suitable for air distribution applications where something different is desired by the architect or client.

These products are part of a complete range of air movement products including the entire S&P range of fans and accessories; and HVC grilles, dampers and louvres. The company is also the official NI partner for Monodraught natural ventilation, lighting and cooling products and also offers the Mandik range of air handling units.

Enhancing this product range is the service delivered to contractors and specifiers by Fairhaven.
The company offers CPD seminars and works closely with consultants to keep them informed about the latest ventilation technologies. The vastly experienced team is also on hand to offer advice and guidance to contractors on just about any air movement application.

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