Firebird is leading the way with blue flame technology

Firebird Blue Flame

Firebird is leading the way with the company’s cutting-edge blue flame technology which has resulted in developing the most efficient range of domestic condensing oil boilers in Europe.
This range of boilers exceeds the stringent ErP legislation requirements to reduce NOx emissions which come into force from September 2018. Available in two fixed outputs of 20kW and 26kW, the blue flame range offers affordable technology.

These boilers incorporate the very latest German blue flame excellence and provide low maintenance due to the long life of serviceable components. The blue flame burners used by Firebird were developed by a German manufacturer, MHG Heiztechnik GmbH. Firebird has worked in partnership with MHG for many years and, together, developed the first mainstream blue flame oil-fired condensing boiler in Ireland.

So what is blue flame technology and how does it reduce NOx emissions?
The principle of blue flame technology is simple and is demonstrated by the blue burner range that Firebird has adopted. Heating oil is converted to a gas at high pressure through a high tolerance nozzle (using the thermodynamic premixing principle). This is then premixed with the air required for combustion, via a special mixing system diffuser.

The perfectly homogenised air/fuel mixture is directed into the centre of the intended burning zone prior to ignition, and the flame produced is channelled down the burner tube to form an intense, elongated flame. A percentage of the hot combustion gasses produced are then recirculated back through slots in the burner head, where a degree of integral reburning takes place. The intensity of the flame and the recirculation process burns off high concentrations of NOx that are usually generated in the combustion process.

The limit on NOx emissions produced by oil boilers is outlined in the Ecodesign Directive. This legislation governs the design and performance of energy-using products to reduce the amount of energy consumed and the subsequent impact on the environment.

The Ecodesign Framework Directive is a European initiative put in place to address climate. The initiative forms part of Europe’s commitment to transform itself into a high energy-efficient, low carbon economy and achieve its 20-20-20 target to lower carbon emissions by 20%, increase energy efficiency by 20% and increase the share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020.

The Firebird blue flame range not only exceeds the exacting standards of the Ecodesign Directive in terms of lower emissions, but also in terms of performance by achieving high seasonal efficiencies ratings of 97.4%.

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