Gas-fired savings with a renewable boost

Along with the home-owner, Origen Energy Ltd evaluated a range of possible options to help reduce energy running costs to the property in Straffan and, as a result, it was decided that a Robur GAHP-A was the most cost-effective solution.

Powered by natural gas (or LPG), but benefitting from renewable energy from air, the Robur GAHP-A offers exceptionally low running costs that are at least 40% below the cost of a modern condensing boiler.

Similar to a gas boiler, the Robur Gas Absorption Heat Pump is a device that is able to supply high temperature hot water, both for heating and DHW production. Like all electric heat pumps, the Robur GAHP-A is able to recover renewable energy in the form of heat from air. Unlike electric heat pumps, however, the GAHP-A heat pump does not use harmful refrigerants nor does it have a significant electrical consumption.

The Robur GAHP-A uses a thermodynamic water-ammonia absorption cycle (H20–NH3), producing hot water using outdoor air as a renewable energy source (cold source) and Natural Gas (or LPG) as its primary energy source.

The thermodynamic cycle takes place within a hermetically sealed circuit, in welded construction, perfectly tight, factory tested, which does not require any maintenance or coolant top-ups. The unit can be installed by any gas safe heating engineer. With gas burners replacing compressors and inverters, the Robur unit is considerably quieter than equivalent electric heat pumps.

With a Robur GAHP-A, every year 4.4 tons of CO2, emissions are saved, which are equivalent to those absorbed by 625 trees or those produced by 2 green cars; every year 2 tons of oil equivalent are saved.

The Robur GAHP-A was installed to take the lead on an existing gas condensing boiler in order to save on running costs and reduce on carbon emissions. The Robur unit was installed in addition to the existing gas condensing boiler, which now serves as a back-up, a 500L buffer vessel, and 300l DHW dual coil cylinder.

The Robur unit is used for underfloor heating throughout the home in addition to full DHW usage.

Installed and commissioned over 12 months ago, the home-owner has enjoyed savings of up to 39% on their heating bill through the use of the Robur GAHPA. The home-owner has also substantially reduced their carbon footprint with up to 4.4 tons of CO2 emissions saved in 12 months.

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