HepvO from Wavin – it won’t let you down

The elastomeric membrane is fixed inside a rigid body, preventing the seal from becoming dislodged. HepvO stops foul air from entering the building but admits air into the pipe system, making it suitable for branch pipe ventilation. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, delivering exceptional performance where conventional traps could leave you high and dry.

HepvO has been extensively tested and is resistant to common chemicals such as cleaners and detergents containing sodium hydroxide and solvents. It’s dry self-sealing valve offers a number of benefits for both the professional installer, end user and system designer.

– HepvO actively eliminates negative pressure within the waste system by opening and allowing in fresh air until a state of equilibrium with atmosphere is reached. It subsequently closes to reseal the waste system and prevent foul air release. This means that the venting of the waste system, or the inclusion of an air admittance valve in the waste system, is no longer necessary;

– Unlike water seal traps, HepvO is not affected by siphonage and will therefore not allow the escape of foul air into the living space from drain or sewer;

– HepvO allows discharge water to pass easily through, regardless of the volume;

– It allows the placement of a greater number of appliances together on fewer discharge pipes without compromising the performance of the sanitary discharge system;

– HepvO operates silently and is not subject to “gurgling” noises typically associated with siphonage and indicative of a breech in the water seal barrier;

– The HepvO valve promotes hygiene, particularly where an appliance is infrequently used. HepvO differs from conventional traps, which can dry out or hold water which can become stagnant causing the emission of smells and enhancing bacterial growth;

– The HepvO valve will perform under back pressures which are 10 times greater than those experienced in a typical soil and waste system.

The HepvO self-sealing waterless waste valve is suitable for use as a replacement for water traps in waste drainage and for branch pipe ventilation. HepvO is available in 32mm and 40mm with a small range of accessories – knuckle adaptors, running adaptors and tundish kit (32mm only).

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