Ideal Commercial Boilers introduce successful Evomax 2 in Northern Ireland

The long-awaited launch of the Evomax 2 in Northern Ireland has finally arrived, ready to raise the standard of commercial boilers in the country

With over 100 years of industry experience, Ideal Commercial Boilers have always aimed to adapt to ever-evolving consumer demands. In particular, the company has paid close attention to considerations relating to the importance of the whole life of a building. Once installed, their boilers are designed to be easy to maintain, with good access and visible key parts. If anything does go wrong, their technical support team are also available to provide guidance and advice.

Since its launch in February 2011, Evomax has been established as the commercial boiler of choice in the UK. Following on from this success, Ideal Commercial are pleased to announce the launch of Evomax 2 in Northern Ireland with sales in the Republic of Ireland commencing in 2020.

The UK’s number 1 commercial boiler has become more intelligent and dynamic. Designed especially for UK plant rooms and manufactured locally in Yorkshire, Evomax 2 is easier to install and service than ever before, while offering customers even more flexibility.

Evomax 2 features updated controls with a dynamic menu structure, which automatically senses the number of boilers in operation and only displays the relevant functions. Intelligent cascade control is now available through the optional Varican module, removing the need for a complex Building Management System. With its evolved design, Evomax 2 comes with a built-in flue non-return valve, improving safety in common flue installations. Additionally, lift weight is reduced by up to 10% to aid installation and three sides of its redesigned chassis can be removed, offering better access for servicing and maintenance.

Many Evomax installations are multiple boiler cascade installations, so Evomax 2 cascades have also been refined. Standard Height cascades now have a maximum output of 900kW (6 x 150kW) and low height cascades can now run to 600kW with the introduction of a 4-boiler low height frame and header kit. Ideal Commercial have also launched a range of brazed plate heat exchangers specifically designed for Evomax 2 frame and header kit installations, which require full system separation.

Other improvements include: a new flue adaptor for improved ease of installation, a new burner design and air inlet damper, the introduction of a 100/150 horizontal flue kit for 150kW models and two new LPG models – taking maximum output to 120kW for off mains installations. Evomax 2 is also fully interchangeable with current Evomax models for easy retrofit.

Carried over from the previous model is the industry trusted 5-year warranty*. Evomax 2 and its new accessories are available from merchants in Northern Ireland from Thursday 2 October 2019.

* 5-year warranty subject to Terms and Conditions. 5 years parts and labour warranty available subject to being commissioned by Ideal Boilers.

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