Ideal Boilers – made for installers

Ideal Boilers has been manufacturing in the UK for over 100 years and over this time has developed a comprehensive range of award-winning and reliable products for global markets, ranging from New Zealand to Turkey, designed with the installer and home-owner in mind.

In addition, the company has been designing and producing Logic boilers specifically for the Irish market for over 35 years, and has had the No.1 selling boiler for the past three years.

Ideal has developed the Logic System IE range of boilers, designed to address the specific needs of Irish installers – namely a low system pressure market.


The Logic System IE range benefits from being an ‘A’ rated appliance on the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland HARP (Home-heating Appliance Register of Performance) data base and, being easy to install, provides a simple and reliable solution for a wide variety of domestic systems. It includes a water flow sensor, fitted into the internal flow pipe assembly, to eliminate nuisance lockout and permit operation at low system pressures.

The range is available in a choice of four outputs (15, 18, 24 and 30kW) and benefits from a lightweight design, concealed connections at the base and no compartment ventilation requirement, which means it can be conveniently fitted out of sight in a standard kitchen cupboard. Siting and installation are simple and hassle-free through a simple telescopic flue option, push and clip flue turret connections and a wide range of alternative fluing solutions.

The Logic System IE is fully modulating down to 4.8kW, includes boiler frost protection, half gas connection and pre-commissioned gas valve, and comes with a five-year parts and labour warranty as standard. Weather compensation kits are also available. It has a digital display and simple diagnostics, making problem-solving easier for householders and installers alike.


In addition to the best-selling Logic System IE range, Ideal has developed the award-winning Vogue range, recently recommended through Facebook for installer Allen Hart of CCH Leeds. He asked the 600+ industry members of his Facebook group Gas Chat, which 40kW combi boiler they would fit in their own house, with quality being the most important thing, and was impressed by the number of responses and comments recommending the Ideal Vogue.

The Vogue boiler came out on top with over 25% of votes, recommended by more than 40 installers and receiving almost 400 comments about its outstanding reliability. Installers also shared their positive experiences of the boiler, with one saying “Vogue is the way to go”.

Allen wanted the opinion of other gas engineers as they “know what they are talking about.” He said, “The installation was quick and easy, everything about it makes it easy. The 10-year warranty was a key factor – it gives peace of mind that it’s going to be reliable and if there are any problems, Ideal is just a phone call away.

“I like the quality of the boiler – as an engineer I look at the quality of the internal components, such as the stainless steel heat exchanger and brass parts. I’d definitely recommend the Vogue to other installers – it’s one of the best boilers I’ve ever fitted and I have it in my own house, which I think says it all really.”

Allen recently joined forces with Ideal to put together a video for other installers and their customers, outlining his desire to install the best quality boiler in his own home and explaining why he chose the Vogue.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to giving installers all the tools they need to grow their business, the video can be viewed on Ideal’s YouTube channel at


In addition to the benefits highlighted in the YouTube video, installers can pick up additional servicing work from the home-owner-friendly service reminder on the boiler’s display, which installers can programme their phone number into, and which also displays full diagnostics for ease of fault finding.

Installers also benefit by registering their boilers through Ideal’s loyalty scheme, Installer Connect, with each Vogue being worth up to €30. Installer Connect is one of the most rewarding loyalty schemes in the industry, with features and benefits tailored specifically for installers. Points can be redeemed on whatever best suits the installer, from work wear and training courses, to High Street vouchers, city breaks and more. Installer Connect also facilitates the registration of Energy Credits (ranging from €275 to €450 per Ideal boiler, depending on controls used) as well as giving installers access to the exclusive Marketing Toolbox.

Ideal Boilers are available through Irish distributor and warranty agent, Davies Ltd (based in Dublin). or