Innovative designs and technical support from Waterloo

From design to manufacture, Waterloo produce innovative bespoke solutions for every setting…

Waterloo was on hand early to provide a bespoke design and supply of air terminal devices for South Lake Leisure Centre.

A leading UK manufacturer of air terminal devices, Waterloo is renowned for their fast lead times and flexible approach, attributes that proved essential when overcoming the unique challenges facing this project.

As Andy Wardle, Sales Director explains, “The C4 environment meant we needed to ensure we used the right coatings to stop the products eroding. For the very wet areas, such as the shower block, air cells made of polymer were used so that there was no oxidisation of products over time. Polymer is ideal for that environment. Swirls and louvre face diffusers were used throughout all other areas.”

Working together
As with all projects Waterloo is involved in, they provided innovative designs, technical support and a collaborative approach. “We aim to make it easy for people to work with us,” says Andy. “We worked closely with the contractor, Dowds Group, to fulfil the architect’s visions. Where there were curves in the ceiling we mirrored that in the product type eg circular grilles.

Andy adds, “The project ran really smoothly thanks to our early collaboration with Dowds.”

Waterloo supplies both the UK and International markets from their factory near London. Since March, 2020, the company has been part of the Swegon Group, which has provided Waterloo with additional opportunities to strengthen their product and service offering.

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