Instantor launches brand new press tools

The Instantor brand is iconic amongst plumbers and installers primarily for its Compression, Copper Press and Press fittings. The brand has since taken it a step further to delve more into plumbing tools; recently announcing the launch of the Instantor Press Tool, now available from merchants nationwide.

After a number of industry requests for an Instantor branded Press Tool, Sanbra Fyffe has officially launched the new product with two variations available. The 18V Press Tool is available in two versions – the Mini Press Tool (IT2020) providing an output of 19kN and the Large Press Tool (IT2040) providing an output of 32kN – placing it in a strong spot amongst competitors.

The IT2020 and IT2040 tools can be used for connecting stainless steel pipe, MLCP, PEX pipe with suitable press fittings (Instantor Press and Copper Press Fittings). The high-pressure hydraulic system is powered by a Li-ion battery, actuated by a motor and controlled by a MCU. 


There are a number of benefits that Press Tools offer in comparison to traditional plumbing methods such as; saving on time, costs and labour. Instantor Press Tools seal as strong as soldering methods but in less time, and with less steps involved. Installers are often shocked when trying press tools for the first time at just how quick pressing is in comparison with traditional methods and time is of the essence when you’re a busy installer, especially on large projects.

There is no waiting for curing and drying, and there’s no need to flush or drain pipes. Pressing can be done on wet pipe systems, saving any additional costs incurred during downtime that traditional methods include. 

Press tools allow plumbers and installers to cut material and labour costs and can be used on sites where flames aren’t permitted, such as hospitals. 

With the benefits that pressing tools offer, less labourers are needed on one project than would be if using traditional methods.


• Suitable for thin wall stainless steel pipe, copper pipe or multi-layer pipe.

• Available for all common systems; 

TH Profile (16mm – 63mm), 

VI Profile (1/2”– 1”) & 

M Profile (15mm – 54mm).

• High performance 18V 4.0Ah LI-ION battery.

• Ergonomically designed with non-slip rubber grips, carry strap, and optimised centre of gravity for easy, single-handed operation.

• OLED display shows your press count, battery power, working pressure, maintenance notes, and fault codes.

• 3-year manufacturers warranty, when registered online. 

• Service and calibration available through a qualified Instantor Service Technician in our newly established Instantor Service Centre located in Dublin 9. Calibration Certificate provided once complete.


Whether you choose to go for the Mini Press Tool or the Large Press Tool, each kit contains:

• Instantor Press Tool 18V

• Heavy-duty plastic protective case

• 2 x 18V 4Ah batteries

• Charger

• Choice of TH, VI or M Profile Jaws (VI not available with Large Press Gun)


For more information on the Instantor Press Tool check out the product leaflet available at To speak with the sales team, get in touch on +353 (0)1 842 6255 or