IRP election results

Shane Henderson and Richard Burke from the Heating and Plumbing Association of Ireland (HPAI) have been elected onto the Installer Representative Panel (IRP).

Joining them on the panel is Pat Jordan, Ken Lawrence, Fred Cleary and John Reynolds. The panel had vacancies for six Registered Gas Installers, comprising of three representatives from Leinster, two from Munster and one from Connaught/ Ulster.

The main purpose of the Installer Representative Panel is to help facilitate communications between members, RGII and the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and inform decision-making of the Gas Safety Supervisory Body. The term of appointment is for a period of three years and meetings are chaired by the CRU.

The HPAI is an organisation based in Cork, and its purpose is to improve the Plumbing and Heating Industry in Ireland – Congratulations to the new panel!