Italian boiler thrives in Ireland with C&F Quadrant

Condensing boilers are pretty much standard these days, however the Unical XC-K offers something special and has been exclusively championed by C&F Quadrant

With such a respected reputation throughout Ireland, C&F Quadrant has to be choosy with its suppliers. Thankfully, the popularity of the Unical XC-K oil condensing boiler continues to intensify across all of Ireland. C&F Quadrant has had an exclusive distribution agreement with Unical for over a year now, to distribute the leading Italian manufacturer’s range of commercial boilers across Ireland, and the two companies have flourished with the mutually beneficial deal.

Technical Services Manager at C&F Quadrant, Michael Clarke commented, “Unical is a tried and trusted name and we are delighted to see the number of installations of the XC-K oil condensing boiler continue to grow. Recent projects include, nursing homes, chapels and surgery’s.”

As a large water content, stainless steel, condensing boiler, Unical XC-K is available in 12 different models (from 85 to 1470kw) and is an excellent choice when, for installation reasons, it is necessary to use a large water content condensing boiler. The metals used for the boiler are of the finest quality, with the outer shell manufactured using high- resistance carbon steel. The tube bundle is self-cleaning, thanks to the natural washout that the condensate produces for gravity.

In the era of rising environmental tension, it is essential to consider how environmentally conscious a company is and if this is echoed by the products they produce. Unical assert its, “eco-awareness, environmental friendliness” as part of the company vision statement and we can see this reflected in the XC-K boiler. The product offers very high saving and seasonal efficiency, thanks to the adoption of fan-assisted modulating burners and to the hydraulic connection, prearranged for two return connections, high or low temperature.

The special patented stainless-steel smoke pipes, with three inside sectors of aluminium fins, increase the heat exchange from the smokes towards the water.

(Stainless Steel smoke pipe INOX AISI 316 L (D. 57 mm) with special multiradial insert AISI 304 and Turbolator INOX AISI 304)

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