New Terrier TRV drives higher expectations

“The installation and contractor network across the UK and Ireland relies on their reputation and quality of service to meet their client’s and user’s expectations,” said George McGuire, Area Sales Manager, Pegler Yorkshire. “By evolving our most iconic brand, we are helping to deliver on these needs and drive even higher expectations of heating control.”

The Terrier TRV was the first radiator valve to be manufactured in the UK back in the 1990’s and Pegler Yorkshire – the company behind its development – designed it to provide more precise control over heating systems.

Today, Terrier TRVs and MRVs command the largest share of the UK market, with over 20 million already fitted. They continue to be manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art £15m manufacturing and plating facility in Yorkshire.

The launch of the new Terrier TRV is set to revolutionise domestic heat control. The design is such that it succinctly addresses the needs of contractors, from its ease of installation through to meeting the demands of Building Regulations and energy performance. In addition, it offers a more stylish option with a greater user experience.

The areas in which the new Terrier TRV differs are design, operation and performance –

The Design – The design is a flawless slim profile which alters the airflow to an Active Air Flow Vent System, whereby the elongated open vents along the body are now enclosed in favour of open vents on top. Tests have shown that this provides a much more efficient flow of air because of the focused air chamber. In addition, the body has been manufactured in a bright white colour with a larger easy grip and easy-care surface finish. To accent the design a feature chrome trim has been added and to support the needs of a variety of tenants a clear colour temperature window which offers high contrast icons and intuitive colour coded settings.

The Operation – This has been radically altered to provide a more intuitive low friction mechanism which offers effortless turning making it easy for any dexterity. The temperature settings have been designed to be more sensitive providing a ‘jump to setting’ operation ensuring tenants can be assured the valve is working to the exact setting they choose. In addition, the thermal head incorporates an ECO touch indicator which makes setting 3 alignment simple just by touch ideal for those with visual impairments.

The Performance – Arguably the most radical change of the new Terrier is its performance. Enhanced by a pure copper element, the performance provides a faster response to temperature changes. The Active Air Flow system draws room temperature air through discrete side vents up around the copper element. The flow of warm air rises effortlessly through the unobscured and protected element and out through the vents on top. Technical tests have shown that the new Terrier provides even better accuracy for temperature settings with a 33% lower hysteresis. Therefore, reaching comfort levels in a significantly reduced time when compared with other TRVs on the market.

The new Terrier TRV range is supplied suitable for 8, 10 and 15mm pipework and is also offered in a tamper resistant option. It fully complies with the requirements of EN215 – the European standard that fully investigates the physical as well as operational characteristics of the product, it is also “A” rated under the TELL scheme and meets Part L requirements. The valve carries the CEN symbol and the manufacturer’s identification number to confirm its compliance. It also carries a five-year warranty against manufacturing or material defect.

In addition, and to support BEAMA’s ongoing quest to inform the general public as to the operation and benefits of a TRV, Pegler Yorkshire has developed a quick guide to ‘getting the most out of your TRV’.

For more information on Pegler Yorkshire, contact (NI/RoI) George McGuire, Area Sales Manager, on 0044 (0)7912 406 101 or e-mail or Billy Ritchie, Divisional Sales Manager, on 0044 (0)7734 401 976, e-mail or visit