Profiling the Extensa and Excellia heat pump models

Best in class is the only way to describe the Atlantic heat pump range...

Part of the Groupe Atlantic family, the Atlantic A.I Extensa and Excellia models provide a dedicated hydraulic conception for improved performances with a COP of up to 4.52. The inverter control adapts its power supply according to the outside temperature in order to provide the exact amount of energy for a constant and economical heating system. This offers comfort to the homeowner, whatever the weather, as well as huge savings on their household energy bills. The Atlantic heat pump range allows versatility, adaptability and its quality controls make the user interface experience seamless. On the interior the technology is patented and unrivalled.

The range benefits from the tried and tested coaxial heat exchanger, a technology developed and patented by Groupe Atlantic to maximise the performance of the heat pump. The coaxial heat exchanger is immersed in an internal buffer tank, allowing it to function without any filter trap or water flow controller, which makes the heat pump a reliable and efficient solution. This also benefits the installer as it is literally plug and play, with no system preheating required. The coaxial heat exchanger is very system tolerant with the largest heat exchanger waterways on the market. This technology differentiates the unit from all other heat pumps using plate heat exchangers.

The Extensa A.I is the perfect all-round solution, producing DHW at 55°C and comes in four models from 5kW – 10kW. All single phase, the heat pumps can work with outside temperatures from -20 degrees to +35 degrees. The Extensa Duo A.I is an adaptable, high performance heat pump with integrated domestic hot water production and a 190-litre capacity storage tank included. The Excellia A.I is a high temperature solution in the range, with DHW production at 60°C. Its design and range of accessories makes it the benchmark in the heating sector. It comes in two single phase models 11kW and 14kW and three models in the triple phase option – 11kW, 14kW and 16kW. The heat pump is capable of working with outside temperatures as low as -25 degrees.

With a full range of accessories that cater for all applications and the unique Two Zone kit, which allows two different temperatures for radiators and underfloor to run at the same time, all integrated within the unit, this system provides the installer with a compact, simplistic and cost-effective solution. The programmable controls are simple to use for the homeowner with the Cosy Touch app which provides complete control on the go and peace of mind comes as standard with our market leading 8-year product guarantee.

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