Riello ensures installer-friendly compliance

Future changes to allowable flue gas emissions are set to have a significant impact on the design of oil burners. Brett Hale, residential product manager at Riello, explains more.

As Governments continue to impose ever more stringent energy and emissions performance criteria on heating products, to improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions, there will inevitably be changes in product design, commissioning and servicing requirements to ensure compliance.

In this respect, there is a shared responsibility between manufacturers and installers to meet the latest requirements. Manufacturers need to update their products to ensure they can provide the necessary performance – and installers need to select the appropriate products and ensure they are commissioned and maintained to achieve the highest performances. In doing so, it makes sense to choose new products that have retained installer-friendly and proven features.

Historically, much of this changing legislation has been driven by the European Energy-related Products (ErP) regulations such as Ecodesign and Ecolabelling. While the UK remains in the European Union, these are still relevant, and even after Brexit the UK Government will undoubtedly continue to legislate for improved air quality resulting from improved energy efficiency and low NOx emissions.

A good example of changing requirements that installers will encounter in the near future is seen in the new ErP flue gas emission legislation, which will come into force in September 2018. This is set to have a particular impact on oil burners, dictating that NOx emissions from oil boilers should not exceed 120 mg/kWh.

From the manufacturer’s perspective, this necessitates designing combustion heads that allow for recirculation of combustion gases within the flame tube to reduce NOx and CO levels.

In remaining installer-friendly, Riello has re-designed its future ready products retaining familiar components such as oil pump, motor, control box and flame sensor.

Looking beyond 2018, there will be another round of ErP regulations, likely taking effect from 2022, and these are expected to require further reduction in NOx emissions. After Brexit the expectation is the UK will continue to develop and lead its commitment to CO2 reduction and improve air quality, so such future-ready products, available now from Riello, will be required.

Meeting these requirements will require true blue flame burners fitted with ultra violet flame detection and digital technology controls with full diagnostics.

Apart from the combustion heads, the new Riello BG family of burners is designed so that the set-up is similar to previous models – in particular retaining the ease of commissioning and servicing associated with familiar yellow flame burners.

In addressing all of these considerations, Riello is able to help installers comply with the latest regulations without compromising on the ease of installation that makes its leading brand so popular. Riello along with its OEM customer base will be making training available to help installers keep up to speed with the latest developments.

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