Rinnai hot water delivery for large sites and demands

In addition, Rinnai’s solutions are also designed to reduce fuel costs and maintenance while minimising any possible downtime. Large commercial building owners, in both public and private sector whether hospitality, healthcare, education or office buildings can benefit from fully modulating continuous flow water heating systems.

Independent comparisons on the Rinnai range showed 7% savings over the lifetime of the appliances (20 years) against certain traditional storage methods.

This follows another independent endorsement of Rinnai energy efficiency claims – ErP Energy Labelling. The ErP A-rating** the Rinnai models have achieved applies over the complete Infinity range – from small domestic models to XXL sized industrial units.

Rinnai is said to be the only manufacturer that can field a complete range of gas fired continuous flow water heaters that exceeds the demands of new legislation on fuel efficiencies and yield outstanding reliability throughout the life of the appliance.

An example of just one of the Rinnai units is the heavy duty condensing models (HDC), the Infinity HDC1600i. This premium condensing water heater which has been tested to below 20 ppm NOx, produces the lowest emissions on the market and has 107% net thermal efficiencies. The Infinity HDC 1600 renewables-ready low NOx series is the first heater of its kind to utilise Rinnai’s own patented pre-mix burner technology.

The newly developed down-firing burner allows increased efficiency and reduces NOx gases. The Infinity 1600i low NOx series is available with an output of 58.4 kw producing 16.2 litres of temperature controlled hot water per minute (or 9.73 per hour) raised at 50°C.

The Infinity Plus solution for large commercial operations has been developed to provide never-ending hot water without costly storage and brings together multiple units of the company’s award-winning condensing continuous flow water heaters into single, easily manoeuvrable modules.

The comprehensive Rinnai Infinity PLUS range offers specifiers and end users a system that guarantees a constant flow of safe hot water at precisely the chosen temperature. Operated via an easy to use built-in digital controller, the water heater provides near mains pressure flow for as long as is necessary, without the need for thermostatic mixer valves. For large building operators who have stringent CSR conditions to fulfil, Rinnai hot water systems can help achieve targets.

For commercial buildings, Rinnai’s development and investment in integral smart controls compatible with sophisticated BMS Gateway compatibility allows easy monitoring to optimise the whole hot water heating system.

As for Legionella control, Rinnai has new technology for secondary return DHW systems where there is a pipework of cooling water that could possibly breed Legionella. This innovation comes in the form of a ‘little grey box’ inside which is both a timer channel programme and a temperature controller.

The ‘little grey box’ ensures the timer will over-ride the temperature control for a short period and then revert to safe levels. This combination allows for safe running of water at 42°C core temperature during the day and 60°C at a time when the building is closed. By the time the building opens again, core temperature is back down to 42°C for safe use. It assists in eliminating risk from Legionella bacteria and scalding and is ideal for use in schools, office blocks and sports clubs to name just a few applications.

**In an ErP competitor comparison, the nearest competing brand to Rinnai Infinity units were also found to perform strongly in both XL and XXL load profiles. In the non-condensing product band the competitor could only produce a B rating for its XXL model while Rinnai scored A for its XL Infinity HD50i. It was the same story for the Infinity HD55i and HD55e XL units against the competitor’s corresponding XXL units. This is a defining key performance indicator for specifiers, installers and end users alike, giving confidence they are buying the best energy efficient kit available today.

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