Rinnai hot water – The solo stored range

One major part of the Rinnai Infinity condensing water heaters is the Solo range – a highly efficient Heavy-Duty gas-fired recirculatory water heater with a completely insulated stainless steel storage cylinder.

The combination of continuous flow units with a storage cylinder for pre-heated hot water allows for periods of peak hour use. This is of importance at those sites where limited gas services may dictate the use and application of water heating systems. The Rinnai Solo answers this problem – with system efficiency, ease of installation and end-user satisfaction.

Rinnai’s Infinity Solo low NOX water heaters can be used for the ‘Direct to Outlet’ system, and secondary return systems. Infinity Solo will deliver a constant output temperature of 60°C or higher, ensuring stored water is at levels that significantly reduce any risk of legionella proliferation.

The design parameters of this product – it is all in one compact footprint – empowering specifiers, designers, installers and engineers to benefit from unique Rinnai technology in applications it was once not previously possible.

For instance, the Infinity Solo has 35kW, 37kW and 54kW sized heat engines, ensuring sites with a smaller gas meter can readily use this technology. The larger Infinity Solo model will also act as a high-efficiency alternative to gas fired storage appliances that still exist in today’s market and can be easily installed on a ‘like for like’ basis where plant room services are concerned.

The cylinder is stainless steel, and this reduces the weight compared to glass lined models, and it makes transportation and installation a lot easier. As well as the difference in weight, the cylinders also have extremely low heat loss figures (as low as 1.41kW/h day), so the user pays less to maintain the heat within the tank.

One other benefit of the Infinity Solo using a stainless-steel cylinder is that the life expectancy of the material is far greater than that of a glass-lined equivalent as glass can suffer from thermal shock causing it to crack after a period of time.

Certain Infinity Solo models are renewables compatible and supplied pre-fitted with a coil, meaning that the primary energy source will always be from renewable gains and the complementary Rinnai water heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature.

Rinnai’s Infinity brand carries the widest range of condensing gas-fired water heating units and systems- and all are A rated on ErP – on the market today with the most impressive efficiencies in operation, leading the field in technological innovation.

Key Features of the Solo range are: Stainless steel cylinder with high thermal efficiency and Ultra Low standing heat loss; Highly efficient continuous flow water heater is used as the heating booster; Rinnai Patented Lean-rich Low NOx burner (Solo20 & Solo32 only); Compatible with Renewable heating source through the renewable pipe in the cylinder (Solo20 & Solo32 only); Industry leading higher modulating ratio; Compact design for limited space; Inbuilt lime scale detector; Inbuilt immersion heater for the emergency backup; Easy read fault diagnostics via Status monitor; 10 years cylinder warranty (subject to terms & conditions)

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