Rinnai system thinking for gyms

The concept brings together all the components of a system in one handy, bespoke pack for any operation, large or small, local and national.

Rinnai recently supplied a growing High Street gym estate with a custom-built ‘gym pack’ that includes everything from design to delivery of a complete hot water system in one easy to install, fully specified and energy efficient ‘pack’ delivered direct to site.

The site has reported excellent results from the systems which have been installed in multiple sites over the UK, with more rolling out over the next couple of years.

Says Rinnai’s Chris Goggin, “Simply supplying a water heater unit (or multiple units) has become an antiquated notion that simply is not good enough. ‘System’ thinking, where we deliver to site the complete package, is what is going to give the gym chain the edge over the competition.

“The Rinnai system virtually guarantees endless amounts of hot water at useable temperatures, all on demand. Who wants a cold shower after a workout? And what gym chain wants to lose a client because of cold showers?”

The inaugural site was keen to have a fully reliable system with the slimmest of running costs, and, at the same time it was paramount that the showers never ran out of hot water, even at the busiest of times.

The Rinnai total gym solution includes water heaters, flues, scale protection, unvented cylinders, valves, prefabrication racks, advanced BMS controls – even water sampling equipment – specified, designed and delivered by Rinnai.

“This is arguably the most efficient package on the market,” says Goggin, “and we have the figures to back this claim up.”

When ErP labelling went live on 26 September 2015, Rinnai scored A-ratings on all its water heaters and achieved best in class energy and running cost figures following independent testing by a notified body.

“The heat generator on the system is Rinnai’s HD1500i which offers 95% gross efficiency which is maintained for the lifetime of the system due to the design principles and controls. Therefore, the design, combined with the system-thinking approach, promotes best-in-class energy efficiencies,” adds Goggin.

Rinnai HDC1500i regulates water temperature to within +/- 1ºC via a ‘smart’ digital controller without any variation of temperature at the outlet even when water is drawn off elsewhere. All models have full electronic ignition, no pilot light and operate on demand only, so there is no gas consumption when the unit is idle.

The system can accommodate as many HD1500i units as necessary depending on the size of the gym/hot water need on a bespoke cascade frame, with bespoke designed common header flue – also including proven electrolytic scale prevention device.

“With our integrated system concept, we have gone far beyond simply manufacturing a product to offering a complete turnkey service from planning through installation and commissioning to on-going maintenance,” says Goggin.

“Customers and end-users can be assured that their system is–G3 compliant and performing to the guidance of ACOP L8 as well as being best in class under Part L building regulations. As well as for the gym chain, we have already developed these packages for some other household name companies and for our distribution partners, and these pioneering projects, along with the gym chain programme, have been very well received.”

For more details on RINNAI products visit www.rinnaiuk.com