Rinnai’s Infinity hot water heating range – ideal for LPG use

The Rinnai Infinity range includes the 16i (36.8kW output giving 16 litres of useable hot per minute) and the 17e for external mounting (29.7kW output giving 17 litres of hot water per minute) – condensing models within the range can deliver up to 107% net thermal efficiency.

For heavy-duty applications the Infinity HDC1600i/e produces the lowest NOx emissions on the market – below 20 ppm NOx.  The HDC1600i Low NOx can boost thermal efficiency up to 108% (based on net calorific value) and can keep to more than 97% even in the minimal heat LPG.

The Infinity HDC1200 models also achieve energy performance of 107% net thermal efficiency while the larger HDC1500 internal and external models turn in 105% net thermal efficiency.

The Rinnai Infinity Low NOx HD55i internal water heater is a room sealed, wall hung, LPG or natural gas fired continuous flow water heater.  Capable of supplying in excess of 780 litres @ 50ºC degrees rise per hour, while producing less than 20 ppm NOx, this unit combines environmental cost efficiencies and quality product offering. Up to 25 units can be cascaded to supply any specification.

LPG users can also take advantage of Rinnai’s Bespoke Package Design, created to provide better on-site efficiency and is supplied to site in bundles. The package also includes scale protection options to maximise system efficiency.

Another innovation from Rinnai is the Infinity Solo condensing low NOX water heater – this is the first Rinnai product for the UK to combine the advanced technology of its wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless-steel storage cylinder in one compact unit, boosting recovery rates of as little as 19 minutes and low standing losses.  This system is ideal for light commercial requirements where services limit the use of continuous flow.

Comments Chris Goggin, Associate Director, Rinnai UK: “Contractors, Installers, site owners and end users can rest assured that these units, when used with LPG, offer the best energy savings and performance available for a hot water system. LPG is one of the most energy efficient forms of fuel available now, and our units take full advantage of their benefits.”

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com

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