Smart heating solutions from Bassetts

Combine smart controls with heat pumps and underfloor heating to create an efficient and effective solution

Bassetts is meeting the growing trend for smart homes by offering easy-to-install solutions that put householders in complete control.

The new Heatmister neoSTAT range of thermostats can be connected to Apple and Android devices as well as smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, to give users the option of remote access via a smartphone, computer or just their voice.

Designed to be slim and stylish, the neoSTAT is little bigger than a standard light switch and can be controlled from anywhere thanks to the plug and play neoHub.

The neoStat was designed as a standalone thermostat that can be paired to the neoHub for remote app control, if desired by the end-user. This method enables the neoStat to remain competitively priced.

Easy to install and simple to set up and use, Neo supports the most popular types of heating, including radiators, water and electric floor heating and renewable energy systems.

Smart Profiles enable users to program time and temperature settings and then apply them to a number of zones. Any subsequent change to the profile will be automatically applied to those zones using the profile.

The Geo Location feature is an ideal energy-saving feature as it automatically turns the heating off when the home-owner leaves and turns it back on when they return.

For larger projects, the Mesh Networking feature greatly increases the communication distance of the system by automatically routing communication data between the connected neoStats and the neoHub. Up to 32 zones can be controlled from anywhere, and large systems are easily controlled by using the Global features in the neoApp.

Bassetts has products such as GLO+ underfloor heating systems and the CTC range of heat pumps to complement the neoSTAT range. The CTC EcoAir 510M is a variable speed heat pump that adapts automatically to the building’s output requirements during the year. It has on-demand automatic defrost that provides more heat, more output and a longer service life. It must always be installed with one of the Indoor Modules CTC EcoZenith i250 or CTC EcoZenith i350 for control and hot water.

To simplify the adjustment of the heating and hot water, the CTC EcoZenith i250/i350 has a colour touchscreen. Thanks to two ingenious connections, you can supplement with solar heat, have a water-jacketed stove provide warmth or connect a pool so you can also enjoy the warmth in summer.

Installers can combine the CTC heat pump and neoSTAT with GLO+ underfloor heating for domestic and commercial projects.

Flexibility is a key component of GLO+. The system is effective with a range of different traditional heat sources and is particularly effective when combined with heat pumps such as the CTC range.

The range is perfect for new builds, extensions and renovations in both the domestic and commercial sectors, and this flexibility is further demonstrated by the fact that GLO+ can also be installed across a variety of flooring types – including solid floors; suspended, joist floors; and floating floors.

The 16mm PeX-A pipe is not only manufactured to DIN EN 4726 with an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier to DIN EN 12318 but it also comes with a 50-year guarantee. For installers, the benefits of GLO+ also include a design service from Bassetts as well as full AutoCAD drawings for commercial projects.

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