Smart protection from frost damage

Frost Proof range of outdoor taps from Kemper...

Easy-to-install, clever prevention of frost damage is available from Kemper through the company’s FROSTI® and FROSTI®-PLUS outdoor taps. Offering frost proof under even extreme conditions, these outdoor taps are fitted with an automatic draining function that reliably prevents the tap from freezing and, with it, the consequential water damage.

In addition, it provides year-long prevention from drinking water contamination. If an outdoor tap contains a water volume of more than 150ml which remains in the tap for days or weeks, germ growth is inevitable. With the FROSTI® outdoor tap, this is prevented.

For installers, the taps are easy to fit, with two versions and perfect accessories making the FROSTI® and FROSTI®-PLUS outdoor taps suitable for a range of applications.

With the FROSTI®-PLUS, the installation kit can be cut to length for all common walls between 150mm and 415mm. By using extension sets, it is possible to insert the FROSTI®-PLUS in walls up to 655mm thickness. The threaded tube can be installed during the shell construction phase, with the outlet valve mounted when the facade is finished to avoid any damage during construction.

An optional available fixing set can be used if the FROSTI®-PLUS is installed in a wall with outside insulation and render finish. The fixing set holds the tap in place and protects the render finish from damage. To avoid moisture penetration through the wall, a sealing sleeve is also available with the FROSTI®-PLUS.

The factory pre-assembled valve on the FROSTI® delivers quick and easy installation on already finished outer walls. With a total external diameter of only 27mm and movable collar, it is suitable for wall thicknesses of 150-492mm, and can be extended to any length on site. There is a universal connection of 1/2” male pipe thread and 15mm copper pipe for press fit or solder connections.

With the KHS Flow Splitter, installers can avoid dead-legs feeding the outdoor tap by using a ring-type installation. The flow splitter ensures water exchange in the loop pipe when a downstream outlet is used. At the same time, the supply of the outdoor tap is optimised.

When the FROSTI® is opened, the supply runs through both sides of the loop. That means, for instance, that two 15mm pipes are sufficient to achieve almost the same flow rate as one single 22mm pipe. This guarantees a sufficient supply – the flow rate of FROSTI®, for example, is approximately 40 l/min at 1 bar flow pressure.

The accessories range also includes a lockable tap to avoid misuse of the tap and, for larger wall thicknesses, the FROSTI®-PLUS can be extended by 30mm to 120mm through an extension kit.

These products demonstrate the high standards consistently delivered by Gebr. Kemper UK and Ireland Ltd and are part of a broad range of unique solutions based on non-ferrous metals.

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