Solfex turns the heat up on underfloor

The high-quality range not only includes water-based underfloor heating but electrical heating systems and the hugely popular, patented overboard Warmboard system.

“Our solutions provide flexibility, and that is one of the key reasons they are so popular,” explained Ben Perris, Sales Director, SBS (Sustainable Building Solutions) incorporating Solfex Energy Systems. “We have a selection of systems to suit all scenarios, including residential and commercial sectors and for both existing and new build projects. They also work with suspended floors, floating floors, low profile over floor and screed applications.

“All our systems can be connected to modern thermostats that can control the whole property or individual zones and can also be controlled from your phone using our App. We also provide a complete design service to ensure you make the most out of our range. We feel this is a fundamental part of our service and something that is essential for installers.”

The popularity of the Solfex range is reflected in the growing success of the patented WARM-BOARD. It utilises a 15mm or an 18mm high density dry screed board which acts as a heat conducting surface transferring the heat from the pipes to the heated floor above. With its low build up height and ease of installation WARM-BOARD is ideal for most underfloor heating scenarios and is suitable for all floor coverings.

Solfex underfloor heating products are available at PTS branches in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. For more information on the range telephone (NI/RoI) 0044 (0)1772 312847 or visit