The perfect gas piping system is just around the bend

Three times faster to install, and easy to cut and bend by hand, TracPipe has been the market-leading product for over 20 years… 

TracPipe is a BSI Kitemarked stainless steel semi-rigid gas piping system used on commercial and residential projects for LPG or natural gas from the meter to the appliance. TracPipe was launched in the UK market in 2000 and has been the leading product in the country since then.

This gas piping system is typically three times faster to install compared with traditional rigid steel or copper pipe installation. TracPipe has become recognised as the perfect alternative to rigid pipework installed between the meter and a fixed appliance, as it is easy to cut and bend by hand, and requires no soldering, welding or special tools.

TracPipe is supplied in sizes from DN12 to DN50 with lengths of up to 90m as standard with longer lengths available as special orders. TracPipe Kits are available in sizes DN15, DN22, DN28 and DN32 in 5, 10 and 15-metre lengths.

TracPipe can be directly buried in the ground or non-structural screed and used externally above ground without the need for additional mechanical and corrosion protection. The product offers a two-hour fire rating when installed in continuous lengths (no joints) and can be routed within fire-protected shafts, corridors, and lobbies. The outer cover of TracPipe also has a class-leading Euroclass Reaction to Fire rating of B-s1 d0.

Extra cover

TracPipeCC is the original TracPipe revamped with a second polyethene outer cover over the length of the product. This system was designed to be installed in unventilated voids by adding a secondary containment sleeve.

Omegaflex conducted thorough research to design and develop this innovative product and ensure it met all necessary safety and installation requirements. This involved a robust internal testing regime to ensure the secondary outer cover performed as a ventilated duct in all aspects of installations likely to be encountered.

TracPipeCC remains the only product of this type that has been successfully independently assessed by two of the UK’s leading test authorities. 

The product is available in sizes DN15 to DN50 and is supplied on reels of varying standard lengths, with longer lengths available as special orders.

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