Water great idea from Anton!

The new design of the Sprint Pro range combats the issues of water ingress.

Ask a heating engineer what their most valuable and/or essential tool in the kit bag is and more often than not they’ll tell you their flue gas analyser (FGA). This is because modern heating systems cannot be commissioned, serviced or repaired without the use of a working FGA. So no FGA = no earnings, as very few jobs can be completed without one.

So a damaged FGA is a real headache, particularly when issues are caused by prolonged water ingress. That is until now – with the launch of Anton’s new Sprint Pro range of FGAs.

Damian Cairns, Sales Director at Anton, explained, “Water ingress is by far the most common reason for an FGA to develop a fault. While all manufacturers include water traps in their designs, in the real world, these aren’t always emptied as engineers are so busy.

“So we knew that if we could crack the problem of water ingress then we’d stop 90%+ of the problems seen in the field. That is why we have incorporated a hydrophobic filter into our water trap filter design. To ensure we give accurate and reliable readings, this clever filter lets all the flue gases pass through but, critically, it blocks water, protecting the instrument.”

The addition of a foam particulate in the filter bowl filter also ensures that an engineer is back up and running in no time. All that is needed is for the foam filter to be dried on a cloth or paper towel, a quick blow of the flue probe to remove any water and then for the system to be quickly reassembled.

Damian added, “Paper filters that are traditionally used in FGAs can’t be used when wet, so a full filter bowl often results in an FGA you can’t use unless you have spare filters.”

The new clip-in probe connector also includes the same new hydrophobic filter technology to provide a secondary defence against water ingress.

“We’ve really sweated over every last detail to make this the most robust and reliable instrument we’ve ever made,” said Damian. “The instrument body is made from polycarbonate – the same material used in most motorcycle crash helmets – with a rubberised over moulding for added protection. Even the filter bowl/water trap is made from polycarbonate to ensure that’s robust too.”

Aside from the focus on making this new range of analysers reliable, Anton has included a number of important features.

All Sprint Pro models can be connected to a printer or, while on site, reports can be downloaded to a PC using a USB cable (dependant on the model). To cater for those working towards a paperless system, Pro3 models and above can wirelessly transmit the reports/data to either iOS or Android phones and tablets. Engineers can also benefit from using Anton’s extremely popular free app, Sprint Mobile.

A full colour screen enables clear warning messages and helpful guidance to the user and large, easy to use buttons help to navigate round the user-friendly menus. There are options for all types of engineers, including those working on commercial installations, with the addition of the

option of NOx measurement in the flue gas analysis, high range CO sensors with built-in over range protection as well as the option of direct CO2 measurement via an infra-red sensor, ideal for commercial catering applications and for all CO incident investigation work i.e. CMDDA1.

With the exception of Pro1 all other models can be upgraded to fit these additional features at a later date.

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