Water underfloor heating

Solfex underfloor heating systems available from all PTS branches in Ireland...

If your customer is planning a new build, extension or major refurbishment on their property and they have asked you to provide a suitable heating solution, it may be the perfect time to consider underfloor heating as an efficient way to heat their home.

Solfex underfloor heating water systems are the ideal choice when it comes to supplying a heating solution for your customers. Systems are available for single or multi-rooms, giving the user efficient heating control throughout the home. There are also low-profile solutions when installing over existing floors and, with the option to space the pipe accordingly, you can easily create high output systems suitable for conservatories or extensions with lots of glass.

Whatever your client requires, Solfex can supply you a system to suit. It’s no surprise that underfloor heating is growing in popularity. It’s relatively inexpensive to install, economical to run and with little maintenance required. It also frees up wall space, normally dedicated to radiators, and can now be installed under virtually any type of floor. It’s generally considered to be an eco-friendlier option than radiators too, because of the way it heats the space.

The type of project will determine which installation method you will require: When installing underfloor heating in new build or extension, the pipe is installed above the insulation before the floor screed is laid. This is the quickest and most traditional method of underfloor heating, it is also the most cost effective.

In existing buildings, if taking up the original screeded floor isn’t an option then a ‘retro fit system’ is the perfect option. Pre-grooved panels are laid onto the floor, followed by the installation of the UFH pipe. The finished floor covering can then be laid directly on top.

For existing timber floors, typically the floor boards would be removed, and then rigid PIR insulation would be installed between the joists prior to installing an aluminium reflective spreader plate with the underfloor heating pipe pressed into them. The floor boards are then re-laid or replaced with structural plywood or chipboard, followed by the floor finish.

Solfex can design and supply any underfloor heating solution you may require. Just pop into your local PTS branch with your floor plan and they will do the rest. The team can provide you with a quote within 24 hours, with an additional layout drawing to follow that will aid the installation for your convenience. Full technical support is available for any installation questions that may arise, our tech team comprises of plumbers and electricians that have experience installing these systems.

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