10 top heating products

Want to know the hottest heating products on the market today? Read our quick roundup…

Grant biofuel compatible Vortex range

Comprising of 63 models available in outputs of 12-70kW including boiler house, outdoor, utility and wall-hung variants, Grant’s highly efficient and award-winning range of Vortex condensing oil boilers delivers significant savings for a property’s annual fuel bills. All of Grant boilers are biofuel compatible, which gives peace of mind to homeowners from knowing that when installed the boilers are suitable for use with future biofuel blends, helping to achieve a zero-carbon heating solution. *depending on type of biofuel and % blend eg: HVO, FAME etc


Baxi 800 boiler with Adey filter

Thanks to its 10-year parts and labour warranty and Adey filter system, the Baxi 800 range of boilers gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their gas boiler will be kept in tip-top condition for longer. The Adey Micro2 magnetic system filter is perfectly designed to help protect and clean the boiler and central heating system. This means there’s less maintenance within the boiler’s lifetime and improved energy efficiency overall. Every Baxi product is backed by customer support and exceeds the latest European standards for safety, energy efficiency, emissions and water bylaws.

www.baxi.co.uk www.baxipottertonmyson.ie

The art of Zen & Zen Plus

These hot water and heating systems from Rinnai offer greater energy efficiencies, user control and top levels of comfort. Aimed at the middle to high end of the market, features include: IOT controller as standard, fast heating mode, DHW pre-heat function, energy monitor, Wifi controller, app, constant temperature and accurate hot water delivery at continuous flow rates. The Wifi and boiler controller use GPS from the user’s smartphone to turn on the heat when they are getting close to home. Rinnai Zen and Zen Plus are available for use with both natural gas and LPG.


Fernox Express Inhibitor Test

Quick and easy to use it will instantly indicate whether the system water is fully protected with inhibitor. Simply dip the test strip provided into the system water and within seconds, it will change colour. Compare test strip to the colour chart on the bottle – a fully protected system will have inhibitor levels of 100ppm or above. Log and manage the results with the Fernox Water Test App. Using the Fernox Water Quality Test Kit, scan the QR code on the bottle using the app before posting to Fernox laboratory – you’ll get a result in 24-48 hours.


Kamco Power Flushing Pumps

Kamco’s range of power flushing pumps are suitable for domestic and small commercial  systems. Together with Kamco accessories such as power flushing filters, water-treating chemicals and adapters it makes the job of cleaning heavily sludged heating systems far more efficient and thorough. As boiler manufacturers keen to offer longer guarantees, ramp up pressure for heating engineers to provide cleaner systems the Kamco range can give that assurance. The market-leading power flushing pumps, chemicals and accessories from Kamco are now available in the ROI via sole distributor Irish Pipeline Components, with credit options available.


Ariston Velis Evo Wi-Fi

Lightweight and easy to install, the Ariston Velis Evo Wi-Fi electric storage heater offers cost savings – both in terms of the initial price of the units, as well as lower energy bills. Fast reheat times and best in class ErP energy efficiency ratings makes this heater the ideal option for rental properties. These compact models utilise ultra slim (27cm depth) twin tank technology for optimum performance. With a choice of 45 or 80-litre models available, units offer up to 16% more hot water availability compared to an equivalent capacity standard electric water heater.


Warmflow Professional Boiler

Warmflow’s R+D team has combined the requirements of installers with the needs of homeowners with this boiler. Installers can save time thanks to a number of pre-fitted components such as an Adey Magnaclean Pro 2 filter and a Grundfos circulating pump. In addition, the installation kits contain all the extras an installer needs to complete a successful installation. This includes an oil line installation kit including a Crossland oil filter, Teddington fire valve with 9mm capillary, a ½” gate valve and an improved condensate drain installation kit comprising of 1.5m flexible pipe and pipe clips.


Calor’s commitment to gas safety

Operating the most extensive LPG network in the UK and Ireland, together with two of Europe’s largest LPG gas storage terminals, Calor has the capacity to store around 100,000 tonnes of gas. With such vast amounts comes great responsibility and their parent company, SHV Energy, is committed to investing in continuous enhancement of the safety and reliability of their terminals. A commitment supported by a nationwide network of qualified LPG specialist engineers. Calor’s specialist engineering and installation divisions are made up of more than 100 Gas Safe® registered engineers and subcontractors.


Firebird Envirogreen & Silver boilers

Firebird’s Envirogreen & Silver range of boilers are the most efficient on the market. Using the latest technology, these state of the art boilers are fossil fuel free ready, offer up to 97% efficiency with NOx emissions as low as 60mg/kWh and can save up to 30% on fuel bills. Having all of the products developed in house means that knowledgeable and experienced technicians are always on hand to provide installation support as well as a trusted back up after sales support when needed – great for the installer and the customer.


Aures Slim Multi

The Aures Slim Multi instantaneous electric water heater from Ariston is the ideal alternative to electric storage water heaters. Water is warmed up immediately when it comes into contact with a powerful heating element as it flows through the unit, resulting in unlimited availability on demand. As a result, the Aures Slim Multi can be installed throughout a home or property close to point of use. It also has an ‘A’ class ErP energy rating. Units are easy to install and maintain, requiring only a connection to the water supply and a fused spur.