11 years of great service without any maintenance!

Even though it makes sense, the last thing most people want to do is maintain their pumps. Despite the fact that everyone realises that this type of equipment incorporates mechanically rotating machinery which eventually will fail, putting off a service is still the norm! After 11 years this customer thought he had better take a look at his installation – this is his story!

David comments, “I bought the DrainMinor system from Pump Technology Ltd in 2006 for pumping wastewater from my washing machine, which was newly located in our basement.

After discovering that companies like M&S operate these units in their stores, I decided that it was sensible to pay a few extra pounds for it in the belief that you get what you pay for. I had the system installed and tested by a fully qualified plumbing engineer and then rather forgot about it. Eleven years on, I now feel fully vindicated in my choice!

Our washing machine has been used to the point of destruction, recycling washable nappies for many years, and, in our family, it seems everything is worn only once!

When I bought the system the engineer at Pump Technology Ltd, who kindly selected the correct size unit for me, told me that the only maintenance required would be to occasionally inspect the pump and the tank to remove any unwanted build-up of things such as fluff or hair, so I decided to pull the washing machine out and investigate.

After turning off the mains power (I do know that much), I donned some rubber gloves and delved in, of course not reading any instructions.

This is what I found –

  • There is just one drain connection inside the tank which allowed me to easily and quickly to remove the pump for cleaning.
  • It only required a quick sweep around the tank to remove the small amount of sludge that had collected there over the 11 years!
  • Since the connection is inside the tank, re-connecting was simple. Whatever I did, the pipe connections from the tank remained undisturbed and watertight.
  • With the lid off (and the power back on) I then watched the first flush of water to confirm all was ok.
  • I replaced the lid – the four clips looked strong and still worked perfectly.

My maintenance could not have been easier. Many thanks to Pump Technology Ltd for a simple, robust and trouble-free wastewater pumping solution”.

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