5 reasons to choose the PF Press System

With the demand increasing for high quality press fittings and multi-layer pipe, South Coast Sales is bringing the PF Press System to the Irish market.

With the demand increasing for high quality press fittings and multi-layer pipe, South Coast Sales is bringing the PF Press System to the Irish market.

  1. Save time, save money – With the PF Press System, every connection is made in a fraction of the time when compared to weld, solder or compression systems.On top of this, far less training is needed to use the press tool required for the installation. This means that every installation using the PF Press System requires less labour, which means less cost especially on those larger jobs.
  2. A secure seal in seconds – Every press tool operates differently but one thing stays the same, the strength of the connection. All the installer has to do is cut, calibrate and connect. The press tool will take care of the rest. The auto-cycle feature of most press tools will ensure that every joint is the same, so no guess work needed.
  3. Fully WRAS approved – The PF Press System is fully WRAS approved and comes with a 10-year warranty. Only the best raw materials are used in the manufacturing of PF Press pipe and fittings, with the fittings manufactured from CW617N Brass. Having the system fully WRAS approved means it has been fully tested for its effects on the taste, colour and chemical changes of water. Along with this, it is also rigorously mechanically and thermocycle tested to ensure it can withstand the toughest operational conditions.
  4. Installer safety – The number one concern for any installer when on the job is safety. The PF Press System offers one of the safest installations on the market. Installation is completely flame free, with no fumes or emissions while installing. This means no fire hazards when installing in occupied premises or retrofits. When the job is all done, there is a faster clean up with no left over waste flux, solder or welding gas.
  5. Future proof – The PF Press system is currently available in CW617N Brass and will soon be available in PPSU. PPSU is a strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant plastic that will allow for an even wider use of the PF Press System, especially in those hard water areas.

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