A greener future

Calor Gas looks at how the current crisis has brought an increased focus on sustainability...

Calor BioLPG

The Covid-19 lockdown has certainly had an impact. The increased time spent at home and the inevitable heating costs has led more and more people to consider sustainability. That change of emphasis has been reflected by the number of calls on the subject to Calor Gas.

Ireland has, by European standards, a high percentage of homes which are still heated by oil, coal and peat. These fossil fuels are not only among the least sustainable, they are also prime candidates for rising carbon taxes. The proposed €100 per tonne carbon tax in Ireland will dramatically increase the price of home energy and it’s estimated that a 900-litre fill of oil could rise by nearly €260, providing an additional incentive for homeowners to switch to something more sustainable.

Gas remains the most flexible option available and switching to gas is simple, with no need for major structural changes to your home. Condensing gas boilers are a tried and tested technology that delivers heat and hot water quickly – exactly what homeowners need – and a cost-effective way to de carbonise. No deep retrofit is required with the installation of Calor BioLPG (with free boiler offer), ensuring a clean, renewable option.

As the calls begin to intensify ahead of the Autumn and Winter months, now is the time to encourage a switch to sustainability and affordability. Calor LPG and BioLPG can deliver both for your customers.

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