A unique toilet waste pumping unit

The new FlushMaster from Pump Technology Ltd can do a number of things which other units can’t. It can pump further and higher, making it possible to handle longer pipe runs.

The pipework can be run horizontally first, include a double lift (horizontal, then vertical, horizontal again and then vertical again), or even be run along an uphill gradient.

These features vastly extend the places where an extra toilet can be installed! All of this is possible because the FlushMaster uses a submersible, open, free ow, vortex impeller pump and not a domestic cutter pump, making it ideal for both domestic and light commercial applications. The open vortex pump impeller with large clearances between pump opening and tank floor also makes the FlushMaster more tolerant of user abuse. The new unit is suitable for connection to a single toilet, bidet, washbasin or shower (not a bath or washing machine). Due to the power of the vortex pump, the discharge pipe requirement is DN32, dia 28 ID or DN40, dia 36 ID.

An integral, acoustic alarm and volt-free connections for coupling to a remote alarm or BMS, are built into the unit. Another bene t of the FlushMaster is the facility to unclog the open vortex impeller without removing the cover. Simply insert a screwdriver down in the aperture provided onto the head of the motor/pump shaft, reverse the impeller and the clogged item will probably drop free.

For more stubborn blockages, simply remove two screws and twist and lift the complete motor/pump assembly away from the collecting tank. This will allow the foreign object to be easily identified and cleared.

Multiple fitting positions are possible and each pump is The new FlushMaster from Pump Technology. supplied with a full set of installation connections for direct mounting behind the toilet or behind a partition wall. All parts can be simply removed and replaced without removing the tank from the toilet.

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