Free ROCs seminar in Belfast

As the 31st March deadline for commissioning renewable generating stations under the Renewables Obligation Closure (No 2) Order approaches, Northern Ireland energy experts Action Renewables have teamed up with Vayu Energy to help owners of existing renewable generators and those in the planning phases to ensure they get the most from their renewable electricity and ROCs.

Aimed at assisting those developing a renewable electricity project, the upcoming free seminar on Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) Trading Contracts and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is scheduled to take place from 9am on Thursday 24th November at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast.

This seminar will offer guests everything they need to know in order to navigate the complex ROC and PPA market and help them benefit from the best deal possible. With the assistance of a unique joint offering from Action Renewables and Vayu Energy, the two organisations have teamed up to offer a solution to electricity producers which provides the best commercial value for ROCs available in Northern Ireland. The team provides excellent on-going customer service for renewable generators, ensuring maximum value with minimal hassle for those keen to achieve a high returns on their energy produced.

“We understand that the intricacies of the process is often difficult to navigate for small to medium scale renewable energy producers, and the process of commissioning, securing a PPA and ROC trading agreement, accreditation and on-going management can become difficult to handle,” said Michael Doran, Director, Action Renewables.

“We have worked closely with Vayu Energy over the recent years to develop this solution which takes the stress off of the owner or manager of the renewable installation, meaning they can rest assured knowing they are getting the best possible rate for their ROCs and have the safety net of a team of experts on their side. With the approaching cut-off date for ROCs in Northern Ireland, we encourage anyone with interest in benefitting from their renewable generation to sign up for this informative and free-to-attend event.”

Action Renewables already enjoys over 40% holding of the available ROC market, and is seeing interest rise following the market offering with Vayu Energy, who’s PPA provides great value in the market place.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Action Renewables to offer small, medium and large generators a guaranteed income stream with market leading rates and the best service for the electricity they export to the grid through our PPAs,” said Mary Rossiter, Marketing Manager, Vayu Energy.  “We look forward to welcoming over 100 interested owners and developers of renewable electricity installations ranging from solar PV and wind to anaerobic digestion and biogas CHP to our event where they will not only be informed on the processes and requirements for ROCs and PPAs, but also take action on-site if desired by engaging with Action Renewables and Vayu.”

Limited spaces for this upcoming seminar are still available.  To reserve a place, e-mail or contact Action Renewables 028 9072 7760.