Achieving affordable, effective ventilation

David Treharne, senior engineer at Domus Ventilation, offers a valuable insight into ventilation solutions

In light commercial settings, kitchens and bathrooms are usually the areas most affected by poor indoor air quality. But there are straightforward solutions to this.

Mechanical extract fans designed for the commercial market can be effective, depending on the size of the area and the level of contaminants and moisture in the air.

Achieving the balance between fan performance and noise levels is important, so look for a fan with a high efficiency impeller and external rotor motor that also operates quietly to avoid disturbing occupants; Domus Ventilation D SERIES fans operate up to 530l/s or 1908m3/hr and with sound levels as low as 31dBA.

Minimise energy consumption by opting for fans with an economy speed setting and also look for those that can be used with a range of sensors. Where you have a number of fans in place, a speed controller that connects to multiple fans is very useful.

Although harder to find, fans are available – including the Domus Ventilation D SERIES – that feature Supply and Extract technology so that the fan can be used not only to extract stale air but also to feed in air from outside.

Where there are multiple rooms in need of extract ventilation and the air change requirement is more onerous, a Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) system should be considered. An MEV system actively extracts air from ‘wet rooms’ via ducting to a central ventilation unit which further ducts to an exhaust point.

MEV systems provide excellent ventilation, are very easy to use, are cost-effective in terms of capital outlay and operating costs and are straightforward to install in new properties.

There are a wide range of MEV units in the marketplace to choose from. When looking at suitable units, firstly ensure it has been designed for the commercial market. Domus Ventilation’s CMX-S, for example, can extract up to 120l/s.

Consider where the MEV unit is going. Generally, they are fitted in lofts or cupboards but if that isn’t an option then opt for a smaller unit that can fit in a ceiling void, such as Domus Ventilation’s CMX-S which is the only unit on the market at just 125mm deep. Also look for units with a versatile design that allow them to be installed horizontally or vertically, ensuring ease of installation in limited or awkward spaces.

To ensure maximum performance with minimal noise the MEV unit needs a good quality EC motor, low Specific Fan Power (SFP) plus, ideally, direct connection to the ducting (without the need for adaptors).

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