ADEY tackles ‘zombie’ boilers

While often marvelled at by their owners because they just keep chugging away and refuse to die, the underlying cost of owning a ‘zombie’ boiler and its accompanying dirty heating system is higher energy and maintenance bills. It also impacts detrimentally on the environment with higher carbon emissions.

By encouraging their replacement with a modern condensing boiler and a programme of best practice maintenance, installers can help their customers take the first step towards reaping significant savings while protecting the environment.

While some efforts have been made to support the scrapping of ‘zombies’, such as the recent implementation of the London Boiler Cashback Scheme and the extension of a similar scheme for homes in Northern Ireland, ADEY believes a great deal more can be done to secure the success of these schemes for the long-term.

“To deliver the energy savings that government schemes promise and ensure ongoing boiler efficiency, they need to be supported with effective system protection,” said ADEY’s CEO, John Vaughan. “If new boilers are fitted to dirty systems and aren’t properly protected by effective magnetic filtration and chemical water treatment, their performance will quickly deteriorate.

“Instead of focusing solely on the replacement of ageing and inefficient systems, the industry needs to support every new boiler installation with ongoing protection, if we’re to ensure that the ‘zombies’ won’t rise again.”

By adopting the ADEY Best Practice™ approach of clean, flush, maintain, protect and test, home-owners will maximise the ongoing efficiency of their heating system and help extend boiler life. Total energy savings could amount to as much as 15% a year and help extend the life of a household boiler beyond the average lifespan of 12-15 years.

Meanwhile, ADEY has agreed a management buyout (MBO) as part of its continued growth in the UK and expansion internationally.

Led by ADEY’s Chief Executive Officer, John Vaughan, with the full backing of the Board, the MBO has been conducted with the support and investment of LDC, part of the Lloyds Banking Group.

The multi-award winning firm pioneered magnetic filtration technology more than ten years ago, when the MagnaClean® filter was invented. Since then, ADEY has continued to innovate, establishing a total system best practice approach and creating a family of products designed to clean, flush, maintain, protect and test heating systems.

The MBO sees members of the existing management team, with investment support from LDC, buy the company.

Commenting on the buy-out, John Vaughan said, “This investment marks the next chapter in our growth journey and will help us to achieve our goal of providing all our customers, in the UK and around the world, with the best possible preventative solutions in the heating systems’ market.

“ADEY has innovation in its DNA, and we will continue to launch new products that assist heating installers to serve their customers’ needs with the most effective tools. More than three million MagnaClean filters are installed in the UK, and the scope for more households, businesses and local authorities to benefit from our low cost energy saving products drives the Board’s ambition for continued growth.”

Currently supplying its products in the UK and mainland Europe, ADEY is planning to expand into new markets including the USA, Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as investing in new product development.

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