The benefits of BIM expertise

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the creation and management of digital modules representing assemblies and sub-assemblies for use in 2D or 3D CAD.

BIM, in different guises, has been in use for many years to help with controlling cost and project management, in addition to pure design, but its key benefit lies in assisting the creation of complex construction visualisations with greater speed and accuracy. Crucially, BIM also embeds and links information, for example vendors and product characteristics which are vital to the compliance and on-time delivery of projects.

BIM was launched in the UK by the Government pledging that all state-funded projects would use BIM by 2016. Four years ago, the project set key objectives to reduce capital expenditure on construction projects and the associated carbon footprint of buildings.

A key BIM benefit is the ability to create, test and deliver complex projects that are efficient throughout their operational life, delivering cost and carbon savings, while also providing a communication and management tool through planning and build stages.

Whether reducing construction clashes or making efficient use of materials, it used to be a complex, full-time management task. BIM makes optimising the critical path clear, but, how do you use BIM?

There’s a cost to using BIM both in terms of software and the expertise to use it, and choosing the right partner has never been more important. Can you get the support you need from your supplier to work with your in-house designers? Many companies are attempting to provide BIM modules using external contractors, and as a result, the modules are not necessarily optimised. Another question to ask if there will the expertise to work with you on a project?

Altecnic has invested in the expertise to design BIM components in-house. This means that our customers know that we have the flexibility to deliver the products they want in the format they need.

BIM is a comparatively new concept, and it is vital to work with suppliers that have the know-how and world-class best practice.

Altecnic and Caleffi, our parent, have worked on many projects across the UK and Europe. You and your customers can benefit from this experience whether you are an experienced practitioner or are looking at your first BIM project.

BIM is more than just project management. Implemented correctly, BIM can remove huge areas of inefficiency, ranging from design time to building optimisation to supply chain management – and that’s even before the first brick is laid.

Removing inefficiency means that you can deliver more projects, faster and to tighter tolerances, ensuring that your business is at its most competitive when tendering.

Altecnic has partnered with BIM Store to deliver an ever-expanding suite of BIM modules in the most readily accessible formats, searchable, and devised with you and your designers in mind.

Altecnic has a clear commitment to delivering excellent service to our customers through our BIM provision in support of our market-leading products.

BIM is a big investment for any of our customers, and it is vital they know that we understand this new technology first-hand.

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