Altecnic’s new range for 2016

There is a common misapprehension that high pressure water systems are desirable. Certainly, low-pressure can be unsatisfactory, for example, in showers that dribble instead of drenching!

However, too much pressure puts unnecessary load on plumbing installations including joints, taps, washers and greatly increases the risk of leaks and burst hoses on everything from dishwashers to water heaters and other appliances.

Additionally, the well-known ‘water hammer’ effect is exacerbated with attendant risk of damage to major components including boilers.

Pressure control in all plumbing systems is therefore critical.

Devices such as pressure reducing valves, usually installed on the cold mains inlet, reduce and stabilise the pressure entering a network from a public supply. But what if the inlet is high temperature and high pressure?

New for 2016, the H range of high temperature pressure reducing valves is based on Caleffi group’s already successful range of reliable, precise and installer friendly PRVs. The H range of

PRVs offer the same standard of excellence without compromising on temperature or flow control performance. Critical to the safe and efficient functioning of PRVs is both stable downstream pressures and importantly in household installations, low noise.

Caleffi’s H range of valves, as with the standard range, has been designed and built with superb reliability offering superior flow rate with minimal noise levels, key in domestic and commercial arenas.

The H range is an ideal choice as a premium performance PRV, as it is perfectly suitable for use on both hot and cold water high pressure systems, boosted mains and closed circuits. Caleffi has meticulously developed the valve to meet the highest standards, no matter the application, providing the same quality assurance the plumbing industry has come to expect as standard from the Caleffi group.

Unlike other PRVs of similar appearance, the Caleffi 533 and 535 H ranges are designed for higher temperature applications up to 80°C and are certified under the stringent EN1567.

Following on from Altecnic’s drive for authentic, assured and accredited products, the company now provides the same level of excellence seen in the existing range of pressure reducing valves, but with the service and back-up expected from a market leader. Thanks to this, specifiers, original equipment manufacturers and the whole HVAC industry can be assured of an industry leading valve in both manufacture and support.

Caleffi manufactures the H range from brass bar and pellet plastic in the company’s own factories in northern Italy. Caleffi’s dedication to high-quality manufacturing is second-to-none as can be seen in the company’s attention to detail, even down to a stainless steel strainer, integral to guard against external damage to the diaphragm and stainless steel stem housing.

This also makes servicing and maintenance of the valve easy, reducing on going lifetime costs for both the installer and end-user.

Inferior valves may look similar but the Caleffi H range of valves utilises premium materials in construction and allows trouble free installation, commissioning and servicing. This ease of use is paramount, making the H range quick and simple for installers to adjust and set.

So, when you’re installing or specifying a PRV, fit the best and ensure that your installation has full WRAS approval and EN1567 compliance with the new Caleffi H range from Altecnic.

T: Chris Reilly, Country Manager, on (NI) 07825 393605 or (RoI) 0044 7825 393605