Altecnic Expands across Ireland

This key appointment recognises the importance of Ireland and will support Altecnic’s dedication to market-leading support for our customers.

Chris has been part of the plumbing and heating industry in Ireland for over 17 years and he is looking forward to getting to know the wide range of Altecnic customers. This move means Altecnic will have a full-time employee based in the country for the very first time and signifies a very exciting time for both the company and Chris.

“I have spent 18 years in and around the HVAC industry in Ireland and have been fully aware of how well Altecnic is known in the market as a leading manufacturer of quality plumbing and heating products. Once the opportunity came along to join, I jumped at the chance.”

Originally from Bangor in Northern Ireland, Chris went on to graduate from Queen’s University in Belfast and now resides in County Kildare where he has lived for over 15 years.

Chris commented, “I have a track record of working with OEM and distribution customers to solve issues, offer support and create a foundation for long-term partnerships. I look forward to using all of my experience with Altecnic Ltd.

“My background has enabled me to become very technically trained on a wide range of HVAC products, and I am really looking forward to using this to offer support, technical assistance and new business development.”

Chris also cites the strong relationship that Altecnic Ltd enjoys with the leading OEM and Trade customers across the island of Ireland, together with the company’s team in place at head office to support his role.

“My eyes have really been opened to how strong the people are that we have in place at our NDC in Staffordshire. This, together with our owners Caleffi having three dedicated manufacturing plants in Northern Italy, gives us the fantastic foundations to continue to grow our authentic, accredited, assured range of products.”

Chris continued, “Caleffi, our owners, are certainly recognised and respected in the Irish market for the highest quality approved plumbing and heating products. Working together with our manufacturing partners, including IMIT Controls, our reputation for reliability will continue to grow. For over 25 years, our customers have relied on us to provide high quality products and the service backup they need.”

Chris concluded, “I am really looking forward to the role and using my wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to continue to grow the highly respected and trusted Altecnic Ltd product portfolio.”

T: Chris Reilly, Country Manager, on (NI) 07825 393 605 or (RoI) 0044 7825 393 605