Apprentice winner is ready for a BigChange

Tell us about your company, Impra Gas – Having won ‘The Apprentice’ prize of £250,000 from Lord Sugar, I used the investment to expand the business throughout the UK. In addition to providing boiler and heating installation, Impra Gas will also be championing smart heating and smart home technologies, partnering with the industry’s most innovative technology providers as soon as they enter into the market.

How did you hear about BigChange? – Following the investment from Lord Sugar, we began looking at strategies to expand Impra Gas sustainably and we determined that the most effective way to achieve this was through the use of technology.
So we carried out thorough research into job management software that could help improve our business processes effectively and came across BigChange, which ticked all of the criteria to meet our needs.

Explain in detail what led you to choose BigChange? – In order to manage our business growth we wanted to invest in next generation technology that would help us to compete above and beyond companies like British Gas. We made the decision to rid our company of manual processes and paper based systems that created inefficiencies and limited our potential.
BigChange was chosen because it could be easily integrated into our day-to-day work practices and was scalable against our growth. If we hadn’t implemented these changes into our business model, this would have impeded on our growth potential due to the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of traditional procedures.
We saw BigChange as the best solution for us as it contained all of the functions that we needed to ensure that our own business objectives were met. So when it came to exploring other services, we had complete confidence that this product was the right one for us and gave us everything we needed, in one place.

What services of JobWatch does your company use? – We use JobWatch for every aspect of our business activity. From booking jobs, to invoicing and coordinating our back office with our mobile workforce; there is nothing that JobWatch can’t do, other than the installation of the boilers and bringing in more clients.
Everyone in our organisation uses the software – from engineers to sales advisors, to those working in scheduling to accounts. It is an all-encompassing product, which can be rolled out across any service field of business.

How easy was it to have JobWatch installed into your system? – The implementation process was excellent and BigChange provided support in line with their implementation plan, which we signed up to. Our whole team was trained and involved in the process. There were a few small items that needed resolving during  the implementation when everyone in the business was getting to grips with the processes involved in using the new software, but nothing too unexpected and this was easily resolved with the expert training from the team at BigChange.

How has having JobWatch benefitted your company? – Now the software is at its full working capacity, the system is working fantastically and it has revolutionised the business in many ways including:

– More jobs completed – JobWatch allowed us to deliver faster response times and better quality of service to customers.
– Improved fleet management – helped to reduce mileage and CO2 emissions on all of our vehicles, as well as keep track of safety checks and services.
– Synced workforce – allowed mobile teams to communicate quickly and effectively with the back office using technology at their fingers tips – helping to reduce human errors from missing or incorrect paper work.
– Real time tracking – improved planning, scheduling and managing of jobs so that more can be completed in a tighter timeframe.

Streamlining areas of the business gives us time to focus on improving other areas of the business. It means that whilst competitors are still using manual processes and paper-based systems, we are a step ahead of them – booking jobs on the go and instantly receiving feedback for our service so we are able resolve issues quickly.

What direct results have you seen from using JobWatch – JobWatch has played a crucial part in seeing manual processes streamlined and turnover increase substantially within the business. It has also allowed us to control and manage all ongoing jobs in a much more efficient way, meaning we have increased booking an extra 10 jobs a day to over 3,000 in the last 6 months.

How do you see Jobwatch changing your future? – Its potential of scalability means that we can trust on the software to help us grow into a multi-million pound organisation.